A video of a man pushing a cyclist off their bike from a moving car has gone viral on Facebook, with the original poster stating “this is the new challenge”.

The seven-second video shows a passenger in the car leaning out of the window as it approaches a cyclist before pushing the rider with both hands into a ditch at the side of the road.

Other people in the car can be heard laughing as the rider hits the ground.

The video was posted by Eoin Maughan on Saturday evening and has already been viewed nearly 650,000 times, attracting over 5,000 likes and 7,000 shares, but Maughan reportedly claims the video is not his.

Many of the 1,100 commenters on the video have reacted angrily, pointing out that the perpetrators could have caused the cyclist serious injury.

But more worryingly, hundreds of Facebook users have tagged their friends in the comments section saying that they should take up the challenge of pushing a cyclist over.

The video has now been removed from the social media site.

>>> Police hunt London teens who pushed cyclist into canal

With recent Facebook ‘challenges’ such as ‘Neknominate’ and the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ going viral within days, it is certainly a worrying development, with both crazes resulting in deaths of participants.


  • Anthony Jackson

    I really hope this is not a trend, I sadly could imagine some fools trying this on Leicestershire roads.I hope my reaction will be to grab onto the idiot that leant out and tried this.

  • macrev

    Hopefully, there aren’t too many idiots living in my area….

  • Thomas the Tank

    I have a cannon. And I am waiting.

  • Roger

    You seem immature enough for IS at any rate.

  • Eric

    You are deluded. Auto drivers gleefully threatening bicycle riders’ lives, is not “IS” enough for you, in the first place? Did I challenge your moral superiority complex with the stark truth of the matter? Aww, “poor baby’s” head is gonna explode, soon…

    The fuel-burning vehicle industries have promulgated such brutal treatment of bicycle riders over the past five generations, in the U.S., G.B. and across the Western industrialized world; that such terror would be but a miniscule sample of our collective suffering at the hands and wheels of ‘death machine’ operators that we call “drivers”, today.

    There, is that sufficient for you, little man?

  • Roger

    Nice. I believe IS is looking for people with your kind of talents.

  • Mental 0riental

    This is just plain wreck-less of course the Police will not follow up, no coverage on mainstream news….sad to say, the general public don’t care much about cyclists.
    If we had a cyclists footage pushing over pedestrians, it would be all on mainstream news. And of course, the Police would follow up with CCTV footage, allocate resources to seek and prosecute the cyclist….the cyclist is always the villain.
    Sad but true!!!!

  • Mac the Knife

    I have pepper spray, just wait till I catch up with you.

  • RP

    I reported this to facebook and got an initial:”We reviewed the video
    you reported for containing graphic violence and found it doesn’t
    violate our Community Standards.”
    I then had a bit of a rant to them that if a video of a violent criminal assault which challenges other folks to do the same doesn’t violate their standards then that is a bit of a poor job.
    A couple of hours later the initial brush off message from them had magically disappeared and I then got a message which said:

    “We revised our decision on your report of Eoin Maughan’s video We reviewed the video you reported for containing graphic violence. Since it violated our Community Standards, we removed it. Thanks for your report. We let Eoin Maughan know that his video has been removed, but not who reported it.”

    Please could someone who lives in Eire report this muppet to the Garda, he appears to live in or near Dublin and I can’t imagine it will be too hard to track him down. I’m sure Facebook will have retained the evidence.

  • Eric

    St*pid ‘car culture’.

  • Eric

    Handcuff them to a bicycle’s handlebars and give them a choice: be driven over by a car where they are; or, to ride down the side of a road while (whilst!…I’m in the U.S.) knowing that a car will approach them from behind and shove them down towards the ground, in a manner identical to that which they have perpetrated.

  • Andy Moseley

    Yes this is a disgrace and the fact it has been shared all over facebook just confirms how sheep like people are and how they are easily lead. I do find it strange however that many people have reported it to facebook and had it removed and rightly so, only for cycling weekly to then post it on facebook and twitter and even have ways to share the story on the website to social media which in turn will inadvertently just bring it back to the attention of the dim wits that will actually carry out this idiotic act.

  • edw1234

    Lot’s of people have reported this to Facebook. They have raid they will not take it down. Hopefully the driver is caught and given a jail sentence . As in the case in monaghan.

  • John Senior

    It shouldn’t be impossible to find this person who should be charged with attempted murder! There are so many factors at work – way you land, other traffic, hitting your head, speed of the car, experience of the cyclist, power of the push.. Can’t say I’m shocked given some of the cretins that find all kinds of reckless and thoughtless behaviour funny. When I was riding in Kent I regularly had rubbish thrown at me from passing cars – never happened to me in Somerset and so far-touch wood – never in Yorkshire although I’ve had near misses as the result of really poor driving – too close, cutting in, not looking etc.

  • FT Davidsson

    take them to a deserted island and let them fend for themselves.

  • Binedra

    Anyone who sees violating another person’s right to life and safety AND goes about carrying out such an act, is without hope. Prison is not punishment enough for such persons and even though I am not in favour of the death penalty, I would prefer there be a 24/7 active incinerator be put in place so that nasty brutes like these be thrown in, to purge our society from evil. I hate bullies and after seeing that teen being beaten and humiliated and then to come across this, I am just fed up with such evilness.

  • Peter Marlow

    Great Britain 2015 – Chav Central.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Any ideas who it is?

  • James Rider

    Wasn’t working for me earlier but it is now.

  • vincelee888

    still up from fb link

  • Roland Lawrence

    This is not uncommon and its been going on for years. Had this happen to a friend of mine. Difference being caught on video…

  • James Rider

    Looks like the video has been taken down so hopefully the police were made aware of it.

  • Openzedoor

    No comment from the police on this?

    It won’t stop it happening, but a rear-facing under saddle camera would at least catch the perpetrator in the act.

  • James Rider

    Whoever had the nerve to carry out such a disgusting thing like that is a disgrace to humanity and deserves to be locked up for years. I am utterly shocked at how anyone could think that doing this would be acceptable and I hope the police have been made aware of this. Absolute scum of the earth.