Builder escapes with a cut to the hand after his brake cable snaps at a red light

A cyclist who collided with the side of a double-decker bus in Manchester on May 18 says that he tried his best to slow down after his brake cable snapped.

Charlie Baker, a builder who was cycling to a work meeting, was riding a fixed-wheel bike along Portland Street, and hit the bus as it came across the Oxford Street junction.

The incident was captured by a motorcyclist who had been overtaken by Mr Baker as the junction approached.

The motorcyclist then posted the video on YouTube on an account called ‘Captf’.

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Mr Baker told the Mail Online: “I tried to make the lights before they changed but when I realised I was going to run a red light I pulled the front brake and the cable in the handle snapped.”

He said that there had been no frayed cable visible, and told the Mail about his fear that he was about to run into pedestrians.

“I was also worried about sliding under the bus if I skidded off at an angle so I positioned myself to hit the side of it,” he said.

“I remember I saw the back wheels as I hit the bus and just rolled out the way so my legs weren’t run over.”

Replying on YouTube to comments from people who had watched the footage and remarked that he seemed to continue pedalling after going through the lights, he added: “Pushing back on the pedals gives you controlled but sadly slower braking with the back wheel, so what you see is me pushing back as hard as I can but it’s a crap bit of road surface and it was wet.”

  • Jim

    What a load of crap – brakes failed my Arse! He was still peddling when he went through the lights and hit the bus!! Look at the film ffs!

  • Alex S

    You can’t see exactly what happens so you have to give him the benefit, people do panic! Thing is, I see idiots cycling on the road all the time and as a serious cyclist I take exception and have on many occasions caught up with them to give them a serious dressing down. I hate being associated with brain dead morons be it cycling or driving!

  • Peter Kortvel

    Even if the front brake does 80% of braking is it enough? Would you be happy with 80% of your salary? Then why to be satisfied with 65 – 80% braking?

  • RE

    If he had freewheeled into the bus he would have been going even faster. The problem is not fixed wheels but having just one brake, with a dodgy control cable. And if you are wearing cycling shoes, fixed-wheel bikes are as easy or easier to handle than bikes with freewheels.

  • David Ritchie

    Not convinced fixies are a good idea on public roads. Personally i think they should stay on cycing tracks

  • grizzman

    I think you missed the point it was a fixed gear bike… putting you feet down to stop yourself is not an option, more likely you’ll trap your feet under the spinning cranks

  • Mike Prytherch

    unless the front snaps, then the rear does 100% of the braking… thats the point !

  • Zx

    You mean the one who filmed that and publicised the film? Because it’s so funny when other people have accidents.

  • maggie

    you also have to feet that make good brakes or is that just to easy

  • Choddo

    Well yeah except the front brake does most of the actual stopping.

  • Peter Kortvel

    People, please use also rear brakes on your bikes also fixies! It’s dangerous not to use them.

  • Dave

    What a tool.