Dimension Data's Mark Cavendish helps a young rider change an inner tube while in Tottenham Hale on Sunday

Fresh off his win at the Tour of Qatar, Mark Cavendish showed that a little silverware hasn’t gone to his head, stopping to help a cyclist in London fix a puncture.

According to tweeter Zahra Damji, Cavendish was in Tottenham Hale when he helped Fran Cutts replace an inner tube in the cold weather on Sunday.


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According to Ms Cutts’ reply to the tweet, Cavendish struggled to get the tyre on with cold hands and even offered her a lift home.

Cavendish is back in England after his stage race victory in Qatar, where he triumphed by five seconds over Katusha’s Alexander Kristoff, who won three of the five stages.

The Manxman’s next big race is Milan-San Remo on March 19 – a race Cavendish won with HTC back in 2009.

He could still take part in the World Track Championships in March, saying he would decide on his participation while in Qatar.

  • Graham Dunn

    Dress it up any way you like but you are wrong! ‘takes time out on Valentine’s Day’ and a heart on the tweet. That is it for the Valentine’s references. Can not really see any insinuations there. No they are not directly romantic but the incident occurred on Valentine’s Day. No matter what my opinion is this is a fact. I think any journalist would struggle to not mention this fact in an article. It’s not really headline news either, just a small article in Cycling Weekly so no one really cares. If you really want to analyze it you could say the article suggests that Cav was romancing all day but took time out to fix a puncture.

  • Ulchabhán

    As soon as you go ad hominem, it is clear that the discussion is not worth continuing, as you evidently have no logical position to defend. I have presented an opinion about the standards implicit in a headline that relies on an irrelevant co-incidence. You can agree or not with the opinion, but if you are incapable of maintaining an argument that makes any sense, or unwilling to do so, debating the matter is pointless.

  • Graham Dunn

    It seems everyone got the point in the journalism but you Mr. Broadsheet!!! I did address your points because you criticised the story and I pointed out how it is relevant to Valentine’s Day several times. Don’t stress though! I’ve thought of a better headline for you so just ignore the original – ‘Cav helps a lady fix a puncture on the 14th February 2016’. Not really going to grab your attention but at least there is no potential of a court case! Better? Happy?

  • Ulchabhán

    And because it is an unrelated coincidence that this act of assistance happened on Valentine’s day, it is crappy journalism to make a Valentine’s headline out of it: that is all I am saying.
    They may as well have linked windy conditions in the Clasica de Almeria to Valentine’s Day: it would have been no less relevant, and so no worse a piece of headline writing.
    There is nothing that I have said that you have addressed in your responses. I haven’t made any attempt to criticise Cavendish, or what he did: can you really not see that?

  • Graham Dunn

    Sorry. Never thought of it that way. He can help out any day of the year but not Valentine’s Day. If it’s a man he can as I am pretty sure that he’s not gay but then again if he did….What if this lady had plans for a partner but was having trouble with a puncture and this would mess up her plans? It’s simple, a man is being a gentleman coincidentally on valentine’s day. Come on!!!

  • Ulchabhán

    What am I suggesting? That the headline writer ought to be accountable for what they publish.

    Valentine’s Day is about romance, not charitable assistance or altruism. Cycling Weekly decided to link Cavendish’s action to Valentine’s Day. What are they suggesting?

  • RichLove

    I think it means she was having trouble with the tyre and he helped with it

  • Graham Dunn

    Because it was valentines day and maybe Cav had other plans but he helped a lady out. He is a gentleman. What are you suggesting?

  • The Awakening

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Its the Manx Missile striking again…

    With his super man qualities, braving the cold, repairing punctures and fighting the good fight, it will soon be the Tour De France…

    Go Cav, Go! The Manx Missile will electrify those wheels in the sprints…

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    The Manx Mechanic strikes again!

  • TG

    Come on Cav. You can surely get a tyre on with cold fingers! Too much time spent racing in the middle – east?

  • NitroFan

    Peta Cavendish would have turned up!!!!!

  • Ulchabhán

    Unless Cavendish is in a romantic relationship with this woman, or you are trying to suggest that he is trying to strike one up, what on Earth is the relevance of Valentine’s Day? Why would you reference that in a headline?

  • NitroFan

    Why on earth would she want to annoy a person that is helping her out, but as you clearly would, could you tell us how that generally works out for you?

  • NitroFan

    Top Bloke

  • Mark Jones

    Spot on there Rupert. Beckham always come across as a top man and Cav is of a similar mould. We need people like that in sport.

  • Mark Jones

    It’s nice to read such a positive story, but then again you wouldn’t expect else from Cav. I remember my wife cheering him on at the ToB once and telling him how great he is. Cav being anything but a prima donna turned to her and gave a genuine appreciative smile.

  • dourscot

    Carlsberg don’t offer puncture repair.

    But if they did…

  • J1

    Cav you old charmer.

    She’s doing JOGLE, I hope she actually knows how to change a tube.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Well done mate, you managed to turn a feel good story into something negative. Well done, well done. Have a great week.

  • lee

    That’s pretty nice that..

  • MrHaematocrit

    Top bloke, a decent all round fella.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    And you should grow up and get over it.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Following in the footsteps of David Beckham? Good on you Mark.

  • I actually read the tweet by Fran as she was having issues with cold hands, though I may be wrong.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    At this rate, he could go to the Olympics as mechanic. 😉
    A real gent!

  • Andrew Bairsto


  • Andrew Bairsto

    Well done that man .

  • Nick

    She should have asked him about Lance, he loves questions about that