Irish rider Matt Brammeier tweets photo of dent after he hit support car during Tour of Utah
- Brammeier now back in Britain and expected to take six to eight weeks to recover

Matt Brammeier has tweeted a photograph of the Porsche support car he collided with during the Tour of Utah, causing the Irishman to sustain serious injuries including fractured ribs and pelvis, and a bruised liver.

The 30-year-old MTN-Qhubeka pro tweeted the image on Friday morning, saying: “A tactical headbutt to the crumple zone. I gave you a run for your money @Porsche but I think you won the Joust :-)”.

The dent in the rear wing clearly show the point of impact with the vehicle. Brammeier was taken to the University of Utah hospital in Salt Lake City for examination and treatment. MTN-Qhubeka team medic Dr Jarrad van Zuydam said directly after the incident that Brammeier “suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries” but that he may require surgery.

Brammeier hit the Porsche on a tight left-hand hairpin bend during the American stage race on August 9. Video footage taken by a road-side spectator later emerged, showing the incident with sickening clarity.

Brammeier had been due to make his Grand Tour debut at the Vuelta a España. It is expected that he will take six to eight weeks to recover, and will not return to racing this season.

Now back in Britain, Brammeier said via a team statement: “I’m still in a fair bit of pain, but over all, considering what I just hobbled away from I can’t grumble for one second.

“I’m just happy to be in one piece and to be back home with my family and Fiancée [cyclist Nikki Harris] and looking forward to starting my recovery process already. I’ve had one of my most enjoyable years of my life this year with the team and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me so far.”

  • Mickey

    I grew up here and am VERY familiar with the infamous “S-curve”, as is anyone from Salt Lake City. It claims lives fairly regularly, including cyclists. If you don’t know it’s coming then by the time you see it it’s WAY too late.

    I can only assume there was SOME warning because the previous riders knew it was coming, though they had to brake desperately. Brammeir clearly had no idea. He was going full tilt.

    I question the point of that stage anyway. It’s a box canyon, other than a gravel pass, so they had to start the stage at the TOP and basically coast 20 miles downhill. That’s not an athletic contest. It’s a contest to see whose brakes work the best, and who values his life the least. Gravity does all the work. Racing for the bottom up would mean something, but DOWN is just stupid. No points for the race organizers, that’s for sure. Somebody was going to get hurt badly.

  • Mickey

    Did they not properly brief the riders before that stage? Was there insufficient signage? The Porsche may have saved his life, actually, because he was going to leave the roadway at a 90 degree angle at a very high rate of speed, and only trees would have stopped him.

    Two riders wrecked seconds later trying to maneuver around a stopped motorcycle, but from the film it’s obvious THEY were going way too fast to negotiate the curve.

    Somebody screwed up.

  • J1

    Bruised liver sounds horrible. Lucky to have no head, neck or back injuries though, the crumple zone worked I guess.

  • Mike Prytherch

    I may of missed the reason in previous articles but do we know why he went into the corner so fast ? he was never going to make the bend, was it a mechanical or just a mistake ?… just glad he is OK