A cyclist in Nottingham who suffered serious injuries has been awarded £13,000 compensation.

Martin Priestley from Nottingham has won £13,000 in compensation, more than two years after he was cycling home from a night shift and was hit by a car in Watnall Road, Hucknall.

He was flung to the ground, sustaining soft tissue injuries to his head, neck, shoulder, knees and lower back and was off work for eight months, reports the Nottingham Post.

Mr Priestley wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time, but did have a high-visibility jacket on.

It happened just months after the 57-year-old had a knee replacement operation – and only weeks before his partner Jane Cleaver, 40, gave birth to his second son.

He said: “It was a very difficult time for me – especially with a new baby in the house.

“Fortunately my partner looked after me very well but it was still a struggle.

“I’d always been the main breadwinner and was responsible for providing for my family, so I really felt the financial pressure. I’m still taking painkillers to get through the day – I’m lucky to be alive.”

The driver’s insurers originally offered to pay £7,500 in compensation before they eventually agreed to pay £13,000.

Susan Peters, at Thompsons Solicitors, who represented Mr Priestley, said: “Martin’s accident was entirely avoidable and had a detrimental impact on his life, yet the driver’s insurers tried their utmost to dodge the real value of his injuries and losses.”

His payout comes following a number of recent cycling incidents in Nottingham.

Last Wednesday a 35- year-old woman was rushed to hospital after a collision with a Nottingham City Transport bus on High Road in Bulwell and in July, 29-year-old cyclist Louise Wright, died after a rush-hour collision with a lorry.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    “Not wearing a helmet = not a cyclist.” = Untrue.

    Where in UK traffic-law or the Highway Code does it state that wearing H-Viz or a helmet is mandatory for a cyclist?

    Please explain how wearing a helmet makes the injuries received when knocked off a bike, the rider’s fault?

    wayno, you need to learn about the Dunning-Kruger effect, why you suffer from it and how to cure yourself of this affliction.

    I don’t believe you even ride a bike on the road. I suspect you invented that as a ploy to grant your idiotic claims a level of importance that they clearly don’t deserve.

  • DJ

    So there are no cyclists in Holland then. How interesting!

  • wayno

    Not wearing a helmet = not a cyclist. Just a plum who got knocked off a bike. Sounds like a horrible bit of ambulance chasing from the lawyers. (I’ve been knocked off before, was wearing the proper equipment, was in hospital but back at work the next week and 9 months later a cheque for 5k showed up). Had I not of been wearing a helmet I’d have not needed the 5k….and it would have been my own fault. If this is a news story on here, so are about 1000 others.

  • David Standard

    Has the wearing of a helmet or high visibilty jacket got anything at all to do with the story?