Joe Nally missed the Revolution Series in Manchester last week when £4,000 worth of bikes were stolen from outside his Travelodge in Staffordshire

Tokyo 2020 Olympic prospect Joe Nally was forced to miss last week’s Revolution Series event in Manchester after his road and track bikes were stolen from outside his hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Nally, 16, who had competed in the Junior Talent Cup of the Six-Day London event, finishing sixth with partner Jake Stewart, was due to compete in the Future Stars category at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

But his bikes, which had been locked to the cycle rack of his father Mick’s car outside the Burton-upon-Trent Travelodge, were stolen using bolt cutters by thieves who reportedly threatened the hotel receptionist when he tried to confront them.

His mother, Ruth Downie, 49, told The Courier: “The lad in reception heard what was happening and went outside and challenged the guys. They were masked and armed. They threatened him and he retreated.”

She added: “He [Joe] was absolutely gutted. It’s been a real rollercoaster of emotions.

“He was getting himself ready to race in Manchester and then he got his bikes nicked. He had to come back home, and pass the velodrome where he should have been competing.”

Nally had been selected for the British Cycling Junior Academy men’s endurance team earlier in October and is also part of energy company SSE’s Next Generation programme, which provides funding for potential Olympic and Commonwealth games medal winners of the future.

A crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise £500 to get Joe back on his bike has already smashed its target and has raised £1,850 in less than one week. Anyone wishing to donate can do so here or in person at Hardie Bikes in Cairneyhill, Dunfermline.

  • Euan Lindsay

    Good bit of victim blaming eh

  • Freddy

    Why on earth were the bikes left outside in full view is beyond belief ,,, as bad as it sounds surly common sence in this day and age is all it takes..

  • David Bassett

    Tony Barry never has problems storing the two cars full of bikes in hotels when he is doing race service.
    But what a shame there are scum bags out there who will nick bikes. And worse the real scum who will buy them knowing were they have come from.

  • David Bassett

    Terry Dolan would have sorted him out, I think.

  • Simon Barnes

    I cant believe anyone would leave their team bikes on a bike rack overnight in any public car park. Sounds crackers to me….

  • J1

    Bikes on roof racks never feel too secure, on show for everybody to see, I know it’s necessary for a lot of people though. I’d never leave them on the roof outside a Travelodge, surely they’d be ok with storing them in their rooms? or are hotels weird with things like that? Never stayed in one with a bike personally.

  • Sharon Crawford

    Surely someone at the velodrome could have lent the poor guy a bike! Though admittedly I would have kept it in my room, there’s no way I would chance leaving a valuable bike in a public place, locked up or not.

  • Vance Harvey

    Maybe… but are all these losses of bikes down to a certain carelessness of ones own bikes? Everyone reads and knows about all the losses so surely cycle owners should be taking Extra Extra care and not leaving cycles on show for thieves to nick?

  • Andrew Bairsto

    What scum.