Police in Lancashire are set to interview a man suspected of being involved in a collision with a toddler while cycling on the pavement.

Three-year-old Lucie Wilding was dragged 12ft by the cyclist’s pedals after she stepped out onto the pavement outside her house in Blackpool, suffering facial injuries but no broken bones.

The cyclist, believed to be in his 20s, then reportedly hurled abuse at her parents before speeding off again on his bike. The suspect has now contacted police and is due to speak to officers about the incident.

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Lucie’s mother Lauren Howarth said: “I thought she was dead. There was blood coming from everywhere. She was hysterical, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“We didn’t know what kind of injuries she had suffered, we just knew we had to get her straight to the hospital so we put her straight in the car.”

She also told MailOnline that the cyclist did not apologise for knocking down her daughter, nor check if she was okay.

“He was on the floor with his head on the pavement,’ she said. “I was expecting him to say “I’m so sorry, is everyone okay” or something like that but there was nothing.

“As soon as he got up he started swearing at us, as if it was Lucie’s fault that he had hit her. The next thing we knew he’d gone and we’ve not heard from him since.

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Lancashire Police’s Joanna Mills said in a statement: “There are a number of offences that will be discussed with this man – riding on pavements and dangerous cycling.

“For a three-year-old this isn’t a pleasant experience when you’re just walking from your home to your car. Lucie is lucky she’s escaped with only scrapes and bruises. It could have been a lot worse.”

  • Jacqueline Wheddon

    I’m assuming this post is a wind up. Nobody could be that idiotic.

  • CyclistXY

    I would say that the cyclist here is definitely to blame and should not have been on the pavement and certainly stopped when he hit the child. But on the other hand I think he must have been shocked to no end, and probably not have seen the child coming, which explains why he went to the police once he calmed down. This is of course no excuse and he would have seen her coming if he had paid attention, but I’m guessing he was more focused on the mother and if she might step away from the car, but again, that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been cycling on a pavement!
    But I do think it’s necessary to teach your children to look both ways, even on a pavement, as there are unfortunately many more like that guy, who do not pay the necessary attention, and it’s better to teach the child to be more careful than they maybe need to be rather than less!

  • colindenronden

    ‘their’ not ‘there’. Learn the difference between there, their and they’re as people can see you are ignorant in more than one area.

  • colindenronden

    Where they have allowed cyclists to ride on footpaths, it is because too many cyclists have been killed on the road, so it is for road safety sake. But implicit in that is they should not in turn be a danger to pedestrians, they should either dismount or ride very slowly near them so that they have time to avoid them, or should go around them by going back on the road. For him to abuse them is to add insult to injury. Now he is claiming it has ruined his life. Serves him right, he nearly ruined a toddler’s life.


    Looks like 50/50 to me. The cyclist should not have been on the walkway. However, if you love your children, you protect them at all times. The parents are extremely guilty of child neglect. The little girl could just as easily ran out into the roadway. The parents are very lucky that the neglect of their child only led to a cycle accident and not something much worse.
    Why is only the cyclist in trouble? Where is child protective services? The parents should be facing charges of child endangerment.
    The little girl has two hands, why wasn’t mommy holding one of them. What was so important to that mother rushing to the car instead of securing her child’s safety?

  • Zx

    What has “road tax” got to do with anything?

  • Zx

    Good point. And by the same phenomenal logic, if someone had shot the cyclist he should have been grateful to the shooter for making him aware of dangers of cycling, since if he had cycled into a river he might have drowned.

  • Mark Webster

    Sorry Les but an “appropriate speed” is nonsense, unless you are under 10 you should not be on the pavement, and absolutely no reason for a 20 year old to be riding on the pavement That’s what we have roads for. As a cyclist I say the blame is 100% with the cyclist, to hurl abuse and ride of like he is a poor excuse for a human and a danger to everyone around him. As for the passing red motor car it was on the road and the other side to the silver car where the child’s mother was whom she was following. Are you really saying you can’t be safe 0.5 metres from your own front gate and with a parent?

  • Peter Curtis-Brown

    Please stop calling this pond scum “A Cyclist”. This is a low life who uses a bike. I am a cyclist and NEVER ride on the pavement. I don’t use cycle lanes that are shared footpaths because it is too dangerous for the pedestrians. Hope they throw the book at this guy

  • BlueScreenOfDeath


    And then you wonder why a significant number of the general public refer to the likes of you as “Road Lice”.

    Thankfully, most cyclists are not as ignorant and arrogant as you – and from your apparent belief you have some right to ride on the pavement most are more law-abiding too, it would appear.

    Ah, just noticed – one post, zero upvotes, ie a troll.


  • AtilaTheHen

    Never mind Reclaim the streets. The time has come for us pedestrians to reclaim the pavements.

  • AtilaTheHen

    Are you really as daft as you sound? I’ve heard of blaming the victim, but this is ridiculous. The child was following her mother out to the car. Nothing wrong with that at all. Unfortunately, Mr anti-social chose that moment to come tearing along the pavement on his bike. Don’t you get it? He shouldn’t have been on the pavement in the first place. That’s why he is being interviewed by the police.

  • Lejeunefrustré

    how do you explain the cursing, lack of empathy and fleeing the scene?

  • Michael Humphreys

    I’m sorry Les, but as a cyclist myself, the cyclist is at fault not the parents, he should not be on the pavement in the first place and definitely should not be cycling at that speed

  • Les Thomas

    i agree people riding bikes shouldnt be on the pavement, unless you can ride to an appropriatee speed. Most peoples initial thoughts will blame the person cycling, but you should examine the entire scene. the parents of this child may want to consider installing a self closing gate on there property and fencing to increase the height of the brick wall. from there cctv footage it appears there priority is there motor car, they may also consider thanking the person cycling as he has brought attention to how vunerable their child is, because if she had run into the road and collided with the passing red motor car it may have been a very different outcome.

  • Michael

    This worthless coward needs jail time.

  • John Reekie

    As a cyclist I would not tire of dragging the cyclists face 12ft along the pavement. His bike handling is pretty poor to not manage to break in time.

  • dourscot

    He should not have been on the pavement in the first place, let alone going at that speed. Pretty appalling behaviour.