After announcing delays in delivering the budget power meter to investors, the Limits boss tells CW that prototype testing will begin in two weeks by cycling club members

Prototypes of a crowdfunded power meter from Limits Technology are to be tested by cycling club members in two weeks time.

The chief operating officer of Limits Technology, Gordon Drummond, has told Cycling Weekly that pre-production samples of the crowd-funded device will be available for assessment by Friday December 11.

“In two weeks from now the power meters will be here,” says Drummond.

They’ll be given to Spokes Racing Team, a club on Scotland’s east coast which is affiliated to British Cycling. It’s owned and run by Craig Grieve, who has recently agreed a three year sponsorship deal with Limits for the club.

Grieve says he’s had the same information by Drummond. “He reckons we’ll get them on the bikes in a couple of weeks,” Grieve tells CW.

“There has been some negative comments about the project and this will be the best way to put those to bed.”

Limits has raised $435,000 through crowdfunding site Indiegogo since the power meter project was first revealed by CW in April. It’s designed to screw into the crank so it can be swapped quickly between bikes.

This week CW learned from Limits that some backers would have to wait up to three months longer than originally forecast for their discounted units.

The delivery schedule on the crowdfunding website has since been put back from December to March and, in the last 48 hours, a further $2,300 has been pledged by backers.

Jon Entwistle of enthDegree Cycling, based in Aberdeenshire, invested more than £800 in Limits through Indiegogo and is looking forward to receiving five units.

“I want my coached clients to exploit the benefits of training with a power meter and this should be an affordable way to help them” says Entwistle.

Doubts about the credibility of the product have been expressed in a blog by Ray Maker about power meters.

Drummond is reluctant to say why there has been disquiet about the progress of the project. “We don’t want to get into mudslinging in social media or elsewhere,” he says. “The way to address that is to deliver the product.”

Max Glaskin is an award-winning freelance journalist who tweets about cycling and science as @CyclingScience1 and is the author of Cycling Science (published by Frances Lincoln UK, Chicago University Press USA, and seven other languages).

  • It must be incredibly good – nobody in the “trial” has had anything bad to say about it at all!

  • Steve

    CW, can we have a follow-up story? Have you tried to contact LIMITS/Spokes to see if they have the pm’s now?

  • MrHaematocrit

    So has anyone assessed this product, or has it in their hands today?

  • So, that was today, right? Hmm…

  • Michael

    Yeah, deliver the product and all will be well. Ignore buffoons on the internet just looking for ad revenue.

    DC Rainmaker has let a bit of internet fame and a few sycophants commenting on his articles go to his head. Narcissism and ego writ large.

    He waffles at length about not recommending something he hasn’t tested (usually with some innuendo that unnamed ‘magazines’ do this) and then writes a pile of nonsense about a product he’s never seen or tested. Completely destroying his credibility in the process and rather arrogantly believing that his opinion is enough to make or break a product. The only thing he’s going to increase the sales of with stuff like that is plastic buckets, for readers to be sick into.

    I hope this becomes a viable product because the cycling world needs an affordable device to measure power. A few months of delay is neither here nor there – look at the delays for Garmin’s vector.

  • Funny, considering that their Indiegogo website still mentions, “LIMITS has been used by a number of the Spokes Racing Team and Club Members generating positive feedback…” as it has from the time they started asking for money. At least they’re finally going to get to ride with it, although anyone who believes that getting comments exclusively from a team who’s just signed a three year sponsorship deal will put negative comments to rest is just fooling themselves.

    Still no admission that things were going South, which is a pity when it comes to restoring trust. If “pre-production samples of the crowd-funded device will be available for assessment by Friday December 11,” there’s no way that December production shipments to backers could have happened as were still being promised just a couple of weeks ago.