Former 400m runner Tatyana Firova says sportspeople wouldn't be able to "achieve high results" without using banned substances


Three-time Olympic silver medallist Tatyana Firova questioned why athletes aren’t allowed to take banned substances, saying sportspeople wouldn’t be able to “achieve high results” without them.

Firova, a former 400m runner, was revealed last month to be one of the athletes to retrospectively fail a drugs test dating back to the Beijing 2008 Games.

In an interview with Sky News, Firova declined to comment when asked whether she had taken banned drugs, but did go on to question why doping is prohibited when a “normal person” can take drugs.

“A normal person can take banned substances if they want to,” she told Sky’s John Sparks. “So why can’t athletes take them as well. How else can we achieve high results?”

In total, 54 athletes tested positive in tests conducted on samples from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. From the 31 who tested positive from the Beijing samples, 14 were from Russia.

Highlights of the Cycling Weekly doping debate

The International Amateur Athletics Federation is considering whether to allow Russian track and field athletes to compete in Rio this August. But clean athletes from the country are urging the governing body not to impose such sanctions.

“Of course I am worried [about not attending], I have been preparing for a long time. I am a young, clean athlete,” world champion high jumper Mariya Kuchina told Sky.

“Why should I have to miss the Olympics? I really don’t understand this.”

Track cyclist Ekaterina Gnidenko was one of eight Russians to return a positive test from the London 2012 Games, it was revealed this month.

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    i do have positive points once in a while. but, i’ve followed cycling for a while and i dont feel bad about poo pooing it. The structure, the governance etc. are a farce. This is pro sport. It is rife with deceit and cheating. Now, it is obvious that the sport is a beautiful one and I love to ride myself.

    But, im not gonna stop letting my thoughts be known, as you do, because you want to keep the real going on behind a veil. Does it destroy your enjoyment when I make fun of CR? Does it disturb you that I tease those that think podium girls are a blight upon the sport or when a suggestive pose is taken on a bike? Does it disturb you that I comment when cycling can’t seem to figure out not to have motos running over and killing/injuring riders. Im a skeptic, a cynic and a bit dyspeptic. The cycling journos and structure is an ongoing joke, and while there are people that devote themselves to riding clean and representing the best in sport – the majority of this stuff that I comment on is a product of a corrupt sport and/or marketing malarky to sell more bikes

    anyhow, be well. ride safely and enjoy the circus.

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    Just guessing but it could be that they are more talented.

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    Why do you have anything to do with cycling? It seems that you never have anything good to say about it. I apologise in advance if I have missed a positive post. No pun intended.

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    Funny then how UK, US, etc., athletes still often manage to beat them. No doping over here by our heros though, oh no!

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    Have you seen their track record? But don’t let the facts get in the way of anything…

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    I’m not sure if this was prehaps lost in tranlation a little? Is she trying to say the banned list is so extensive it prohibits athletes from taking anything, for example sometimes a simple cough medicine that a non athlete would buy over the counter to protect against a cough or is she just actually saying let everyone take what they want and get on with it??

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    but they are allowed, you just have to pay the right people and not get “caught”