Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt

These horrific pictures show the aftermath of a collision involving five cyclists on a training ride and a car in County Donnegal, Ireland.

County Donnegal crash aftermath 1

The incident occurred at 9am on Saturday morning outside the Millbridge Bar in Kilmacrennan. The road is popular with cyclists and the bar is often used as a meeting point for club rides.

County Donnegal crash aftermath 3

The five riders, including two juniors, from Errigal CC were an hour into their training ride and were being led by Sean McFadden. He said: “I was about to wave to another group of cyclists coming the other way when I heard the screech of brakes and saw the riders rag doll, one of them flew 75 yards. It was a miracle nobody was killed.”

County Donnegal crash aftermath 2


McFadden believes the driver was speeding to overtake the group but realised too late there was an island in the road and cars coming the other way. The windscreen of the car was broken and there were dents in the bodywork from the impact of hitting the cyclists. As you can see, the collision also left a number of bikes in tatters.

County Donnegal crash aftermath 6

Thankfully two passing cyclists happened to be trained nurses who were able to give first aid to the injured cyclists until the emergency services arrived. Two of the riders were taken to hospital but there were no serious injuries or broken bones. The driver was also taken to hospital for blood tests and is being investigated by the Garda.

County Donnegal crash aftermath 8

McFadden also told the Donnegal Daily how the situation could have been much worse. He said: “We had planned to go back into Letterkenny around 10am to meet with some of the other cyclists, the more younger ones including my daughter Shauna.

County Donnegal crash aftermath 7

“I don’t want to even begin to think about what could have happened if they had been involved when the crash happened.”

All photos courtesy of Sean McFadden

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    oh no! not harri!!!! im on time out again; harri wants me to pipe down.

  • Harri

    hey, its my job to shh people

  • ummm…

    *whispers* I was being a bit tongue in cheek as well..shhh

  • jules

    given the driver’s already demonstrated poor judgment in electing to save a couple of seconds by overtaking without properly checking that the path was clear, it would seem optimistic to think their judgment would suddenly improve when deciding who/what to hit after it became clear a collision was inevitable.

  • khisanth

    Dent/damage your car or plough into people and possibly kill them? Yes, best drive into people, less damage to the car and less cost to repair

  • Jeffrey Friedl

    I suspect Anon was ironically commenting on the driver’s poor decision when faced with the choice between hitting people or hitting the island.

  • racyrich

    Roll on driverless cars. Besides the obvious fact it wouldn’t have even attempted the manouevre, once confronted with the option of wiping out cyclists, hitting island or head on with oncoming vehicle, cyclists would be the last option. Shame drivers always make cyclists the first option.

  • ummm…

    if the car hit the traffic island it would have dented, but the cyclists would have been fine. or am i not getting the physics of the whole thing?

  • anon

    Imagine what would have happened if the car had hit the traffic island…
    Hope everyone is okay and will soon be back on their bike.