The Vuelta a España team time trial on stage one features sand, a new boardwalk and a finish on the beach

Looking at the profile of the opening team time trial at the Vuelta a España you’d think it would be a walk in the park for a professional rider – pan flat and only 7.4km in length.

But on closer inspection it looks a little more challenging – and a number of riders aren’t too happy about it.

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Skirting along the coast from Puerto Bañus to Marbella the route ends on the beach at the resort, with organisers having plonked down a few plastic boards to cover up the sand.

But they couldn’t cover all of it, with a short section of dirt road alongside the beach just before the finish.

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Unsurprisingly a few questions were raised on Twitter by the riders taking part in the race, including Movistar’s Rory Sutherland, who joked that he’d be ditching his time trial bike for his fat-wheeled dirt bike.

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The short section of dirt road precedes the traversing of a new promenade in Marbella, which was a building site just a few days ago…

And judging by this picture by Spanish journalist Jesus Balseiro, the riders will cross the finish line and plough straight into a group of boozed-up British teenagers on the beach in Marbs, which should be fun.


  • RobTM

    lol You’re pretty funny.. I don’t think you’ve raced yourself.. you take chances because you mostly you get away with them, someone probably will get unlucky though and hopefully the injuries will be minor.. might not be the case.
    Sport event organisers and TV should have more respect for athletes, not treat them as cannon fodder

  • David Sundheim

    Oh, come on! Then do the same thing all the other teams will be doing in that section… Slow down! Just like you would descending a corner or any other dangerous section. Also there is no peloton swarm so its much safer than they are making out. Nibali could probably ride this section while eating an energy bar. Stop whining “Crash Froome”! What a bunch of softies!

  • RobTM

    Sections of it look like one of those cycle paths unsafe at > 25km/h. A TTT is high speed formation riding, not meant to be a segment of a “Road Bike Party” video. Accidents could be fatal, huge stone blocks lining path and surfaces like rough boards which could splinter

  • David Sundheim

    I absolutely would! It’s called Bicycle handling! But it’s not about me, these Pros ride cobbles, & descend Mountains, and yet they can complain about a SECTION of sand in a ridiculously small TTT!

  • Would you ride a ttt on this? I think not!

  • David Sundheim

    Froome and Team Sky are leading the whining! It looks awesome! And it’s only 7.4km, with a small part of it exposed dirt, suck it up!

  • RobTM

    Froome should be saying… “Luxury! When I were lad in Kenya…”