Officers on bikes are targetting drivers who pass too close to cyclists with proceedings against 38 people already in motion

West Midlands Police is to become the first force in the UK to specifically target drivers who ‘close pass’ cyclists.

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Officers on camera-equipped bikes are patrolling busy roads and alerting patrol cars if they film a driver operating without due car and attention. Offenders will initially be given warnings and safety advice on the roadside.

However the force has said that repeat offenders will be prosecuted, stating that it expects drivers to adhere to a 1.5m safety zone when passing cyclists.wmppolice

Earlier this week the WMP said it felt prosecuting drivers was the most effective way of improving the safety of cyclists.

After four days of testing the new scheme last month, the force pulled over 80 drivers to offer warnings and roadside advice. 38 drivers have also been prosecuted, with cyclists and drivers able to report bad driving if they supply video evidence.

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The WMP also released a video compilation of close passes in the area supplied by local riders.

“As a police force we must do our utmost to protect vulnerable road users and show that anyone who puts them in danger through poor driving will be dealt with,” traffic officer and cyclist PC Mark Hodson said.

“Cyclists may suddenly need to avoid uneven road surfaces or obstacles like drain covers so it’s important to afford them plenty of room when overtaking.”

  • Chris Wheeler

    What about cars crossing double white lines in order to overtake?

  • Mick Jennings

    Thats great! Now maybe they can also prosecute the hundreds of cyclists that illegally cycle on the pavements daily!

  • Tony

    So will the police prosecute cyclists for not having lights on there bikes,jumping red lights,riding on pavements and damaging cars when they ride to close

  • Alex

    So will police now use footage from cyclist’s head cams to prosecute drivers? The safe passing distance as given in the HWC is actually a full car’s width and only pass if safe to do so. So where do WMP get their measurements from? Have they made them up?

  • Serious

    They should do this everywhere!