Seattle cyclist tries to show a car driver the error of their ways after she parks in a bike lane

Warning: video contains bad language

UPDATE: the video has now been removed by the user. Sorry.

When a cyclist in Seattle, America, came across a white Volvo blocking a bike lane, he quickly pointed out the error of the driver’s ways, particularly since she was parked right next to a sign telling motorists not to park there.

However, what he was not expecting is that he would end up being blamed as ‘the sole reason why car drivers do not like bicycles’ by a passer-by, who decided to join in the conversation regarding the correct place to park your car. The driver also suggested that the cyclist needs therapy.

The cyclist, who calls himself GhostOfStarmanSuper on his YouTube account, posted up the video which clearly shows the driver telling him that she, er, doesn’t care much for his opinion.

“You’re a biker, keep going, keep it moving dude,” she says, trying to persuade him to move around the car blocking the lane. “The sun is shining, it’s Seattle, have a good f***ing day”.

“I’d love to,” replies the cyclist, “but you’re blocking the bike lane. Get the hell out.”

In the end, the car driver moves off and so does the cyclist. The sun continued shining.

  • Jason Braaten

    Looks like the video was taken down due to a ToS violation.

  • Sean K

    She should just have said “I’m very sorry” and leave. Arrogant person.

  • Zain

    i hope there’s “bike line blocker” sticker, so i can move around and go without arguing

  • Guest

    i hope there’s “bike line blocker” blocker, then i can move around and go without arguing

  • Jay Kay

    as with all fucktards like that…the cyclist has NO rights and is just a blot on the landscape

  • Donnie Miller

    I am also a cyclist….but c’mon…he can go around her, it wasn’t a dangerous situation… and he said his piece, then just harped on… go with the flow dude…it ain’t the end of the world…

  • Cab Davidson

    Think a better approach would be to tell her she’ll be on youtube later, and to have a nice day. But he’s right, she shouldn’t be there.

    Trouble is, he’s a cyclist. So in her eyes and in the eyes of the passer by, he’s wrong.