The Milk Race returns! After a 20-year absence from the calendar a bike race with a dairy connection is back – although it’s very different from the Milk Race of old.

This year’s Milk Race consists of a one-day criterium around Nottingham on Sunday, May 26, in contrast to the event that bore the same name from 1958 and 1993 which was a stage race, and forerunner of the Tour of Britain.

An elite men’s and an elite women’s race, organised by former rider and British Cycling Federation president Tony Doyle, will take place in the city as part of a wider festival of cycling.

Rather than the now defunct Milk Marketing Board, the Nottingham event is sponsored by the Dairy Council and the Milk Marketing Forum.

“The Milk Race is undoubtedly the most well remembered and most well regarded cycling event that there has ever been in this country,” said Dairy Council chairman Sandy Wilkie. “So to bring it back, and to re-establish such a strong link between milk and sport, is a very exciting development.” 

One of the first teams to sign up to the event is Node4-Giordana, managed by 1987 Milk Race winner Malcolm Elliott. Node4-Giordana’s line-up will include Steven Burke, London 2012 team pursuit gold medallist.

“I was only five when the last Milk Race happened so I don’t really remember it but, being trained by Malcolm, I’ve got to know a lot about it and the huge meaning that the name has in the world of cycling,” said Burke. “Everyone has such high regard for The Milk Race and I can’t wait to compete this year.” 

The official launch of the event took place in Nottingham Market Square on Thursday morning.

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  • Chris

    I liked Viz magazines tribute to the milk race from when i was a teenager. If i recall correctly they printed a drawing of a naked woman from the waist up and you had to give it six on the pan handle and time yourself then send in your result.

    I think the quickest time won a fiver or something.

    I hope they bring this back as well although no doubt my time will be slower this time.

  • David Scott

    Great to see someone has paid homage to this countries finest cycling event. Agreed it’s only a crit., but nevertheless a great acknowledgement.

  • Peter Kogoy

    I’m a proud owner of the original Milk Race tie, great to see it back on the race calender, albeit in a crit form, regards from Sydney!

  • roginoz

    ??????????????????????????????????…………..wossup?……why not call it The Nottingham City Centre Milk Race? To call it THE MILK RACE is a cheek and an insult to the riders of the past.Why not combine with the TOB,add their sponsorship and make the TOB longer?

  • joe

    So it is sponsored by Dairy & Milk?? Awesome!

  • Mark Jones

    I got excited when I saw the headline, but the reality soon struck. Pity the greatest stage race we had in this country is going to be resurrected like as a criterium (bit like the FA Cup coming back as a five-a-side tournament at Wembley). Still on the bright side it’s good to see some new sponsorship and hopefully it will perhaps grow into something better.

  • Samuel Gamester

    Excellent news! A new race with a new sponsor in 2013. Maybe the dairy organisations of Spain and Italy can be persuaded…..