Google Chrome extension offers all the data that Strava won't give you


We all love Strava, but for the data junkies out there, it can leave a little to be desired if you really want to dive into the nitty gritty of your ride in numbers. The good news is that could change with a Google Chrome extension that gives you all the data you’d ever need.

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StravisitiX has been developed by French programmer and amatuer rider Thomas Champagne, who grew frustrated at the lack of data available on Strava and its competitors, deciding that the only solution was to create his own piece of software that would tick all the boxes.


Stravistix lets you delve deeper into your data

One of the most attractive features of StravisitiX is that it can give measurements such as your average speed based on quartiles. This means is particularly good for riders who need to get in and out of town at either end of the ride, as they can set average speed to be based on the 75th quartile, excluding the slowest 25 per cent of the ride (i.e. all that time stuck in traffic or waiting at lights) from the calculation.

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The software also allows you to delve much deeper into your ride data than you currently can on Strava itself. This means there’s a whole selection of tables and graphs on various aspects of your heart rate, power, cadence, and speed. You can also see your TRIMP (training impulse score), which is similar to Strava’s own Suffer Score, calculating how hard you have worked on your ride based on your heart rate.

StravisitiX is free to download as an extension on Google Chrome, and with nearly 500 reviews averaging five stars, its current users would certainly recommend it.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Free users not paid, that speaks for itself, Strava cannot survive long term without revenue, the only way to get revenue is through subscriptions, advertising and allowing other companies to use their technology. I agree 100% in terms of social side of things, however Segments and KOM’s are losing interest in almost everybody I know, one of my cycling clubs only uses Facebook now for the social side and not Strava, so Strava have to bring something else, like this guy Thomas and others who have developed extra analysis and features, and yes maybe some of the stuff trainingpeaks has to come to Strava, Strava cannot continue to run for free which it is effectively doing. This guy Tomas is listening to its users and what they want, for example I love the feature with the quartile, this is exactly what I wanted, as like almost every other person in my cycling club we have 2-3 miles of traffic before we get out of the town, however Strava could do it better, perhaps I could configure on the maps as part of my profile, start and end points on the major routes into and out of town…. i.e. only take average when I cross this point and stop when I cross this point. There are a million things they could do, I really like the HeatMap they did, that is brilliant, I use it to find roads I’ve not visited for example, but in the last year or so there is nothing that really helps, its like they have stopped progressing.

  • Like what? In terms of users and social activity, nothing comes close to Strava. It provides MORE than enough data for most people. If you think you need more data, than use a specific training tool like TrainingPeaks, which offers something entirely differing to Strava.

  • Michael Ingleson

    I’ve just installed this and think its fantastic. Already better than Strava Premium

  • Thomas

    Could you replace “StravisitiX” by “StravistiX” in the article ? It seems you added an extra “i” char. Thx !

  • I didn’t say they should work for nothing. I will happily pay if they continue to develop. It’s my opinion and my choice. If you only knew how much I do contribute to things. You don’t know me. So don’t be so rude. I make no assumptions about you.

  • Malaprop

    so its justifiable that they should provide it to you for free?
    I sign up for these sites because they are cheap, and like the data. But more importantly I want people to keep small business like this going.
    You seem to want people to work for nothing, and provide you with your perceived value?
    And this is an add-on I installed months ago. Yet you’re oohing and aghing about the lack of innovation. Pay attention and you may find there is more to this than you realize. I even donate to their business. Try being a contributor and not just a taker.

  • Thomas

    Thanks man !

    Yeah uncork Champagne !! Happy New Year !! ^^

  • J1

    Great work Thomas. I thought something had changed with the maps….much more useful than Strava now!

    p.s. Champagne is a brilliant name.

  • Agreed, I also use VeloViewer and will definitely be looking at this. If Strava doesn’t up its game then I may consider whether it is worth renewing.

  • Thomas

    I’m the author of this stuff. Thanks for the article about my extension !!

    I will focus on others keys features, which have also a “value added”

    – Extended stats on segment efforts which will be implemented in version 3.0.0 (upcomming, January 2016)

    Currently, you can get extended stats on a whole activity through “Show extended stats” . Tommorrow in v3.0.0, you will be able to get results for various efforts on a same segment ! Usefull to compare how you perform well or not (hr, speed, cadence, power, …) on a segment at various dates!

    See linked images …

    – Best splits

    Introduced in November 2015 for cycling actitivies. Best splits are available in current version. see linked images …

    – Google Maps come back

    After the switch to openstreetmap, strava received wrong feedback on this change. Users lost satellites views coverage on some countries, poor views for others, some legends data, street view feature, etc. StravistiX included back google maps features into activities and segments taken on activities.

    see linked images …

    – Year progression

    Introduced in November 2015 for cyclist and runners. It give you a status of your progress for each beginning of year to current month and day. Assuming today is May 25, this panel shows “What I’ve accomplished by May 25 of this year compared to previous years during the same period.” Progress is given with a table and graph.

    see linked images …

    – Weather, see linked images …

    Thanks again for this article !!



  • Mike Prytherch

    I think Strava have taken their foot of the pedal, there is hardly any real innovation coming out and certainly nothing I would say justifies the Premium membership which I won’t be renewing, what some of the other one man bands are producing should put Strava to shame, well done this man 🙂