2012 National 25-mile time trial champs photo gallery by Andy Jones>>

Behind for all but the last few miles, holder Michael Hutchinson came good when it counted to secure his sixth national 25-mile time trial championship in wet conditions on Teesside.

Hutchinson (In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT) finished seven seconds clear of Alex Dowsett in a championship record 47-01 as he followed women’s winner Julia Shaw and junior Ryan Mullen, who also successfully defended their 2011 titles.

But the day was marred by a serious accident involving 2011 women’s bronze medallist Jane Kilmartin (PM Racing), who suffered a broken back when she was in collision with a car on the return leg of the T252/3 Crathorne course.

Writing from her bed at Teesside South Hospital, Kilmartin said “I am lucky to be alive given the speed of the collision. I remember being catapulted high into the air and landing very hard on my side.

“I couldn’t move and I knew then that my back was broken. All five lumbar vertebrae are fractured.”

The driver of the car was arrested.

The incident and localised torrential downpours, which led to reduced visibility and heavy spray at times across the day, brought into question whether the event should have been stopped and took some shine away from the quality of racing.

Hutchinson trailed Dowsett (Sky Pro Cycling) by 15 seconds after the first six miles and, six seconds down at the turn, was still three seconds adrift with around six miles to go before turning the race his way.

“It was close,” said Hutchinson, who was on his way back to the headquarters when told he had won. “I was edging back very slowly, but when I finished I assumed it hadn’t gone my way and I didn’t feel confident.

“The conditions weren’t great, it was dry when I started but then wet for pretty much all of my ride.

“It’s always terrific to get a championship win, if you do what I do as a time trial specialist it’s what you work towards.”

Matt Bottrill (Drag2zero.com) took third place in 48-36, holding off Joe Perrett (Ciclos Uno) by 17 seconds.

Mullen (Planet X RT) retained his junior title in an excellent 48-48, beating second-placed Alex Peters (Mosquito Bikes) by 2-21, and Shaw (Drag2zero.com), 54-57, was nearly two minutes clear of closest rival Ciara Horne (Brotherton Cycles), 56-48.

Michael Hutchinson, winner

Julia Shaw, women’s winner

Ryan Mullen, junior men’s winner

Louise Scupham, junior women’s winner

Jane Kilmartin was struck by a car during the event

Traffic on the National 25 course

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  • Mick Ballard

    Excellent photographs from Andy Jones

    Interesting to see that both Michael Hutchinson and Alex Dowsett appear to use elliptical chainrings a la Bradley Wiggins.Slightly odd that,as far as Im aware,that no continental pro is using this technology.

  • jonny p

    The problem is unforunately more about Time Trialing on open roads with traffic all around. Dual carrigways have long been noted as ‘fast’ – but also ‘dangerous’ – but still they are used? The issue with TT’s appears to be the riders pursuit of ‘faster times’ – which in turn will mean seeking out ‘faster courses’. But it is not just dual carriways that prove to be a problem: Anyone who races in Cheshire will know that Chelford roundabout is an absoloute lottery when crossing it (twice!!). I am not in anyway saying that TT’s should be banned – that has been tried before – and look what happened! – But a change has to happen! We are not going to be able to close roads in this ‘modern era of motoring’ and though smaller country lane ‘sporting courses’ may be the way forward – I’m just not too sure how this will be accepted by the ‘time trial fratertnity’? It is of course tragic when a rider is seriously injured or killed – and it will always bring out reactions and opinions – But just thinking we can can change the overall mentality of ‘car drivers’ to make time trialing safer is never going to be enough! Maybe a major re – think is needed regarding time trialing in this country – we will just have to wait and see if this happens? Best wishes Jonny

  • Scott Cadzow

    This is a significant national event and whilst we accept that TTs are held on roads with traffic in the main we should also ask if it the time for greater protection of riders in racing is now overdue. Any cyclist injured in an event by a car on the course is too many. I am glad to hear the driver was arrested. However we should ask why we don’t have authority to ask for drivers to be restricted in speed when this kind of event is going on? If Hutch is averaging 30mph it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask drivers to follow a maximum speed of 30mph during the event. We already have 20mph limits in place on roads past schools and no reasonable person would complain. Over the 13 miles or so they are slowed down relative to the 50mph or so the conditions would have dictated was safe amounts to a delay of only about 15 minutes on their journey. Is the injury and risk worth saving 15 minutes for?