Sven Erik Bystrøm comes a cropper on a cattle grid just 500m into stage one of the Tour de Yorkshire

Sven Erik Bystrøm (Katusha) didn’t have long to enjoy his Tour de Yorkshire experience; crashing out of the race after just 500m in a nasty-looking fall involving a cattle grid.

The metal grids are tricky enough to get over safely in good weather, let alone when the rain is lashing down like it was on the start line in Berverley.

Bystrøm required the attention of an ambulance that was following the peloton after hitting his face quite hard, although it’s not clear if he slipped on the grid or got his wheel caught in it.

Your guide to the Tour de Yorkshire

Riders have been battered by wind and heavy rain most of the way through the 184km route from Beverley to Settle, with more bad weather forecast for the rest of the weekend.

Katusha are led in Yorkshire by new signing Jurgen Van den Broeck – a podium finisher at the Tour de France in 2010 – who joined from Lotto-Soudal in the off-season.

  • Ho Ho!

  • Weccy

    Shame we weren’t told of his condition during race. Need more updates when accidents happen. Wish him well. Sad incident just 500 metres into race. New race but Yorkshire race organisers need to learn how to keep up with stats. Other than that, apart from ads, woeful amount, Ned & David were superb as commentators. Same goes for all cameras including helicopters. Super, just manage ads

  • Jay Kay

    Winning the internet! 🙂

  • Alex

    If he had had disc brakes he might have been able to stop in time to avoid it.

  • john

    cattle grids should be banned from the pro peloton until covers are developed, despite their increased stopping power they should be removed for the foreseeable future due to this isolated incident.

  • AST1986

    Would it have been that difficult to cover the grid in something non-slip while the riders rolled over it? It’s a bit embarrassing for the organisers to lose a rider from a top team after only 500m because of something that could have been prevented relatively easily.