The format for the Olympic Games omnium event has been confirmed by the UCI, with the elimination race being added to make the competition more conducive to endurance riders.

Last week the IOC ratified the track cycling programme for the 2012 Olympic Games in London with the individual pursuit, points race and Madison being cut to make way for three new women’s events.

As critics queued up to attack the inclusion of the omnium, the UCI said it would add a sixth event to ensure there was a balance between sprint and endurance events at the Games.

The omnium event for London 2012 will comprise six disciplines:

Flying lap (250-metre time trial)
Points race (30km for men, 20km for women)
Individual pursuit (4km for men, 3km for women)
Scratch race (15km for men, 10km for women)
Kilometre time trial (500m for women)
Elimination race

There will be 24 competitors in the omnium events. The individual pursuit races will be held over the full World Championship distance, which preserves the event but will highlight some of the slower times.

The elimination race will see the 24 riders race as a bunch. Every two laps the last rider over the line will be eliminated. The UCI hopes its inclusion will make more exciting viewing for a television audience.

The omnium will be included at the World Championships in Copenhagen (March 24-28, 2010), held over two days.

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  • Ken Evans

    “Elimination race”, does this mean a “Devil” ?

    Because if it does, then it is really stupid.

    Often riders contest being withdrawn, and stay in the race.
    These races could turn into chaos.

    What if the judges make a mistake,
    re-running a race isn’t practical.

    This Olympic events shake-up, gets more ridiulous by the day.
    It would be more appropriate to make these announcements on April Fools Day !

  • keith warmington

    My thoughts are , whatever form the onium takes ,for the UCI to let the pursuit go is an absolute disgrace .I see Pat McQuaid joins the IOC next february and my journalist’s cynicism makes me wonder if his agreeing to this format had anything to do with not upsetting the applecart . Oh I’m sure it wouldn’t would it ?????

  • yappay

    It will be very interesting to see how the good guys ride the devil, but not sure it will make the omnium a more distance oriented event.
    I would have made each of the events a full event in it’s own right, ie the spring would have been a full match sprint competition, the pursuit would be a full pursuit including quali, and best 4 match race and the other events would have been the traditional full distance. That would have made the event a real endurance test. With the way it is, there is no really hard day. It may be mentally draining but it should not be much of a challenge to physically recover between days.