Chris Froome isn't particularly happy that the Rider's Association has nominated the brother of the race organiser to represent them at the Tour de Romandie in the case of extreme weather

Wet roads, snow and almost freezing conditions will be what greet the first riders off at the Tour de Romandie prologue on Tuesday afternoon and Chris Froome isn’t too impressed with the person chosen to represent riders by the rider’s association (CPA).

David Chassot was announced as the CPA’s delegate for the Tour de Romandie, the man who will represent riders if the extreme weather protocol was brought into action.

The problem that Froome sees, though, is that David Chassot is the brother of race organiser Richard Chassot, which is “one way to get your race to go ahead without those pesky concerns about rider safety”, according to the Team Sky rider.

The 3.95km prologue sets off at 13.50 (BST), with riders and teams tweeting images and videos in the build up of quite heavy snow still falling in La Chaux de Fonds, where temperatures are hovering around zero degrees Celsius.


We have arrived at the snowlogue in Romandie! Woot woot! 😂

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Froome will be the third to last rider down the ramp in the opening stage, followed by Rafal Majka (Tinkoff) and Simon Spilak (Katusha).

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