Racing for 253km is hard enough, but throw in snow and sub-zero temperatures and this year's Liège-Bastogne-Liège became a true test of endurance. Here's how the peloton kitted itself out to deal with the extreme weather

  • ridein

    Tanlines govern your life over comfort and well-being?

  • two20

    I loved that. I’m sure the middle aged woman who got the left hand glove gave out “the look” to make sure she had the pair. Tough mothers those Belgies.

  • anon

    Up here, short clothing is the way to go when temperatures approach two digits above zero. Otherwise you will never get the slightest of tan lines. Then you stick with summer gear until snow falls in late autumn.

  • ridein

    I get a cold shiver up my spine just seeing another rider with exposed arms or legs in sub 10C weather. Just recently I started a big charity ride at 7C, yet I was way overdressed by the end at just under 30C hours later. There was more than a few people, mostly men, with just shorts and a short sleeve jersey from start to finish.

  • Stephen Mayers

    Movistar were wearing Sportful Fiandre Extreme jackets…

  • Sharon Crawford

    I particularly liked the moment Wout Poels threw off his winter gloves just before coming into the final corner. You knew he was well up for it at that point!

  • Mark Kozakiewicz

    You promised so much and gave nothing.

  • Jay

    Pretty piss poor article. Layering and aero helmets seems pretty obvious. How about bike setup? Choice of bikes, mechanical or electronic shifts, tyre choice and pressures due to the extreme cold and snow on the roads.