Sky leader speaks out at "appalling" behaviour after TV pictures show a spectator spitting at him on the climb to La Toussuire

A Tour de France spectator has been caught on camera spitting at yellow jersey wearer Chris Froome as he chased Nairo Quintana up La Toussuire on Friday’s stage 19.

The Brit lost 30 seconds to Quintana on the climb on a day of rare vulnerability after an almost flawless race so far.

The 2013 Tour winner has been dogged by allegations of doping throughout his time in the yellow jersey in this year’s race and Team Sky have even released the rider’s power data in an attempt to abate the questioning.

But it is the actions of so called ‘fans’ which has caused Froome the greatest upset in recent stages, having had a cup of urine thrown over him on stage 14, while he and his teammates have suffered verbal abuse from the side of the road.

Asked about the spitting incident after the stage finish, Froome said: “I didn’t see it but a few journalists have told me about it. It’s appalling.

“Primarily we are human beings then sportsmen, so people need to remember that. You can’t come to a bike race to spit at people, or punch them, or throw urine at them. That’s not acceptable.”

Froome will take a 2:38 lead over Quintana into Saturday’s stage 20 showdown up Alpe d’Huez, with the Colombian’s Movistar teammate sitting in third place 5:25 down.


  • James Rider

    You are the type of person who brings this sport down, telling people to “get out of cycling.” I doubt you even know anything about cycling. Shame on you.

  • johnnyQME

    Your the typical jerk off like here in America who proclaim they want their country back. Back to what, when it was legal to own people? Another “get over it” response to you. I applaud Froome for all he has accomplished, so should you, but you have too many conspiracies running around your pea brain to accept facts.

  • johnnyQME

    spitting on someone is not only one of the most disgusting things one can do, it’s illegal, at least it is under the Penal Code sec 240PC in California and is considered a misdemeanor assault. I know because its happened to me on a few occasions during my career as a police officer. Somebody should have taken that spitter down to the ground and arrested him on the spot, where are the police in those close contact environments? I hope they are following up aggressively to identify the assailant and bring that asshole to justice. Some of the behavior I’ve seen during the tour is quite disturbing, sadly showing how some people handle their frustrations. Especially during the mountain events where the roadway is so compressed by these so-called fans and their rabid irrational behavior, its almost like watching hooligans at a soccer match. We have our problems here with obnoxious fans, but to act like that during a bicycle race? I think restrictions should be placed on fans in the mountain stages, not allowing them such close contact with the riders because I have a bad feeling something more sickening is about to happen.

  • Stevie

    And you are clown. So what?

  • Stevie

    My girlfriend is French and she loves him, as do all her family. Hinault has nothing to do with this.

  • Mark Daley

    what I find amazing is that know one seems to mention that Froome was born and grew up in Nairobi which is almost 1,800M above sea level, its proven that athletes that are born at altitude respond well when performing and training at altitude. As Dave Brailsford said after stage 20, Britian should be proud of Froomey, he has done something no other British cyclist has ever done before, and personally having watched the Tour De France for 25 years (on TV and in person), I think 2015 was one of the best and most dificult yet. Lets hope ‘Cav’ can get a win on the Champs-Élysées)

  • Stevie

    Yeah those dispicable French fans all need a good slap. Every single one of them. Lowest of the low they are.

  • Stevie

    Who gives a toss what nationality they are?

  • Stevie

    Utter b*ll*cks. What other people have done in the past is totally irrelevant, and there is zero evidence Froome is doped. “The French” don’t have any problem with Froome. Hinault is not the “patron of the peloton”; he retired nearly 30 years ago. This is not Hinault’s fault or responsibility, and there is no indication whatsoever that he feels jealous about anything.

  • Anyone but Sky

    Don’t worry about the Sky mongs who know nothing about the sport. you are completely correct mate

  • flxdcatbruce

    I have been saying for years that they need to do something about the fans having such close access to the riders. This is such an appetizer for some freak with a bomb….
    The fans have become more rude every year…easy to see that by reading these comments. What a rude and self centered generation the internet has bred…..

  • flxdcatbruce

    Hate is your outlook on what others find enjoying….

  • spirit_of_58

    That logic only applies to racists.

  • spirit_of_58

    Contador – proven doper. Astana – proven team of dopers. Nibali – winner by default – looks like he needs stabilisers in the first week & Eddie Merckx in the last week. Yet no-one raises an eyebrow?
    Bitter French can’t produce a home winner for 30 years need someone to direct their ire at.

    Team Sky / GB cycling – dominating on the track & road since 2008 with no hint of doping. Quintana – magnificent young climber. Everyone rushes to condemn them on… yes, ZERO evidence.

  • JustinG

    This stuff wasn’t happening to Nibali last year – his
    performance was as exceptional, and several on his team were actually caught.

    What attracts these thugs and idiots to Froome in particular?

  • Timlewis

    Ryan Williams .. So you didn’t like Chris Froome .. Please explain who you would like to win the tour then.. Don’t you realise cyclist have been doping since the very first Tour de France … The French just don’t like an English speaking rider beat them at there own game!! It’s a shame that so called patron of the peleton Bernard hinault doesn’t voice his opinion on this disgusting behaviour of spitting on riders!! Then again Mr hinault is probably just as jealous as the haters anyway!!

  • Jon Charles

    The displays of hatred towards froome roadside can only be the product of the french Media, making fatuous allegations about his performance in the race and encouraging people to Jump on the Hate banwagon with no real shred of evidence that Froome is riding exponentially better than the rest of the field due to any form of doping.

    I find it incredible that Nibali has been dangling off the back the whole Tour, to suddenly have the ability to fly off up the biggest hardest climb ,at the end of a totally gruelling stage yesterday. and nobody questions that performance ( I heard a bloke say in the pub last night “perhaps at long last his micro dosing has kicked in”)

    Nibali revealed a lot about himself yesterday when he saw froome having a mechanical issue and attacked at that moment after several long scrutinous looks at froomes dilema …Nibali claims he didnt see froome in trouble and “its his word against mine” (Thats not what the Helicopter camera footage showed to the rest of the world)
    There are a few suspicious performances out there in this years Tour….yesterday proved the opposite for Team sky as they all succumbed to thir incredible work load so far, which is entirely normal ,to be tiring naturally.
    Very Sad

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    “Your sport”? It’s being ruined by scumbags that throw urine, throw punches, and spit at riders. This misguided emotion is stirred up by commentators focussing on innuendo rather than what’s happening. If you don’t like that, find yourself another sport. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best tours for years. A lot has been happening.

  • Margaret

    Oh dear… Guilty by association.. The same flawed logic that has people spitting in the first place!!!

  • Paul A

    Cheer up.

  • Timlewis

    They just hate to see an English speaking rider dominate Their sport!! Yet they still worship jalabert and virenque who doped all their way through ..

  • reece46

    Don’t seem to recall any riders being punched/spat/abused during three days in Yorkshire last year or 3 days in Holland/Belgium this year. Maybe it’s not Froome’s fault, there’s a thought.

  • Peter Marlow

    Ryan – what do you know about it? Read too many internet forums have you? Froome isn’t doped, neither are Sky. Some of you have forgotten quite how ridiculous things were in Lance’s heyday.

  • reece46

    Just like the Armstrong comeback with Astana, until Ventoux and he was flying again having ‘ridden into form’

  • Duncan

    Your sport? Your’e obviously useless at sport and know it. This is explains your bitterness

  • Sander Donceel

    i’m from Belgium, europe. Nobody hate’s Froomey here you dumb fuck

  • Dirk

    what next? earwax?

  • Kevino Daviessss

    Absolutely despicable act to be spat at!

    Why go and watch a sport to spit at them taking part, stay at home instead of taking a day or days off! Bizarre. Stay at home…..

    With regards to doping, whilst I question performances I must agree this time last week Nibali could barely climb into bed never mind the climbs of the past two days!
    This to me is a bit bizarre rather than as some state four years of top performance.

  • Mark Webster

    That’s right Nibali rides for Astana and couldn’t climb unclassified hills last week! How is that extra scrutiny doing?

  • Vale

    No because they don’t ride for Sky 😉

  • Dabber

    What a waste of space you are.

  • Mark Daley

    So Quintana drops the rest of the field and to some extent Froome, does this mean that Quintana is dopeing! Nibali also??

  • Vale

    Liked or disliked, no competitor deserves be spat on and have urine thrown in their face.

  • Patrick Savalle

    Sounds like you failed yourself in life.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    If Froome said he was Kenyan and not British perhaps he would have more respect as it is he is probably rightly or wrongly has no real respect in the peloton and from the public, he has been unable to duplicate his ride nobody leaves so many world class riders so far behind .

  • Looking at it again the person next to him is waving an Italian flag – that’s absolutely no proof that he’s Italian, but it does look like they’re together and so likely to be the same nationality

  • Eric Schmidt

    What make you think people spitting at him are french. The whole world is there…

  • Ambientereal

    Your sport? You have no sport, sport has nothing to do with you. You are a violent person only.

  • Ryan Williams

    because my sport has been ruined by this scumbag for the last 4 years. why do you think wiggo and all of europe hate his guts so much?

  • Vertigo

    Shame on you

  • Ambientereal

    Hate has no reason, hate is a religion.

  • Rupert Rivett

    Ryan why are you saying such a thing ? There is no proof from what I can see that Froome is a cheat .

  • Alan

    I hope you never get called for jury service; the poor sod will have no chance.

  • Ambientereal

    You are doing a fine hater indeed. Do you also do such lovely spitting?

  • Mister Epic

    I am not a fan of Froome but I really wish he will win for the second time to slap french cycling fans.

  • Ryan Williams

    when you go from out of contract to the best in the world in a month and dominate cycling for 4 years, this is what happens. get out of cycling chris froome