Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas lead the list of five British riders named in Team Sky's 11-man Tour de France squad, but the team say the list is incomplete

Team Sky claim the 11-man shortlist for the Tour de France, published on their website on Tuesday, is not the final squad.

The team named five British riders in its 11-man Tour de France squad, which will be narrowed down to nine riders before the Grand Départ on July 4, but there was no mention of Irish duo Nicolas Roche and Philip Deignan.

Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas, Ian Stannard, Peter Kennaugh and Luke Rowe all featured after strong starts to the 2015 season, with all five strong contenders to be in the final team.

Alongside the Brits were Danny Pate, Mikel Nieve, Leopold König, Richie Porte, Sergio Henao and Wout Poels.

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If the list turns out to be correct, Porte, König and Nieve are in line to ride their second consecutive Grand Tour, having competed at the Giro d’Italia in May. When Porte abandoned the race after stage 16, König went on to finish sixth overall.

The former Netapp-Endura impressed with a seventh-place finish for the Pro Continental team at the Tour de France in 2014, but will ride in support of Froome if selected this year.

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Deignan and Roche were given a reprieve when the list of riders was taken down from the Team Sky website shortly after it was published.

Four of the original 11-man list, Porte, Kennaugh, Stannard and Thomas, rode alongside Froome in his 2013 victory in the Tour de France, while Porte and Froome are the only surviving members from Bradley Wiggins’s win the year before.

The team plan to announce the final nine riders on Monday.

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  • John Senior

    Too much choice and too many riders showing good form at the right time. You have to have Thomas, Rowe, Porte, Poels. Konig will be too tired, Stannard is a maybe – do you need him and Rowe – either Nieve or Deignan – Id take Deignan myself unless Nieve is riding into form. The sort of headache every other DS can only dream of.

  • Dean Griffiths

    If the list is correct then it looks as if Froome, Koenig, Porte, Poels, Stannard, Kennaugh & Thomas will all go then it’s 2 from Nieve, Pate, Rowe & Henao. Despite his average form in CD surprised Roache has missed out, although he could be an option to lead the team in the Vuelta. Would be great to see 5 Brits on the team. It was a massive disappointment last year when only Froome & Thomas were selected. With the Yates, Cavendish & Cummings looks like we could have a record number of Brits in the race this year.

  • reece46

    Hotels are not a problem as long as Froomie has his teddy (Lil’ Richie) with him.

  • Freddie Merckx

    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the Saxo investigation? We’ve already seen Franky Schleck withdraw likely to try and avoid any expected fallout.

    I hope this is not the case and they are keeping Roche fresh for a crack at the Vuelta

  • Freddie Merckx

    A cybernetic organism, living tissue over metal endoskeleton

  • Richard David Leaper

    I think he thought the article told you that Henao and Pate were to miss out. When in fact that was your suggestion. What this tells me is Sky have a near ridiculous strength in depth when 4 of the 13 mentioned will miss out, plus a few others (Siutsou, Kiriyenka, Eisel, Knees, Puccio, Viviani and Swift would all have had hopes of making it – though some might have known well in advance, of course).

  • cahern1968

    Maybe the have doubles for the more important riders, just like Saddam Hussein had a few doubles who would go to meet various foreign leaders if he didn’t go in person.

    Or something in the vein of the movie “Multiplicity”, where there are several clones of each rider, Sky could send a new fresh clone to the start of every stage. That would fit right in with their marginal gains concept. Maybe that is why they are cheesed off about the motor home ban, that must be where they keep the clones, I smell a conspiracy theory.

  • Freddie Merckx

    In order to counter the disadvantage of having to sleep in hotels, SKY will be using 11 riders for the Tour – 9 for each stage with two substitutes filling in for any lads who are tired.

    For example, if Froomey is a bit puffed out from a big mountain stage or Lil’ Richie misses a nights sleep due to a hotel wedding, Sergio Henao or Danny Pasty will take their place for the stage, allowing the Froomedog and Lil’ Richie to spend the day having a good rest and slap up meal at a nearby caravan park. The rejuvenated pair can then can then rejoin the battle for yellow the following day or so.

    Another cutting edge masterstroke from Sir Dave, although I’m sure other teams will copy Sky as soon as they get wind of it

  • West Ham, Egg and Chips

    5 Brits plus the 6 you’ve quoted there equals 11 riders. The final team will be whittled down to 9. 2 of those 11 are going to miss out. Forgive me, but i’m struggling to work out what you’re trying to tell me…

  • Robin Mainwaring

    I’m afraid that Roche looked off the pace in the recent Dauphine so I’m not surprised he hasn’t made the cut. Great to see Rowe in with a shout…

  • Robin Mainwaring

    I’m afraid that Roche looked off the pace in the recent Dauphine so I’m not surprised he hasn’t made the cut. Great to see Rowe in with a shout.

  • Joel

    “Alongside the Brits were Danny Pate, Mikel Nieve, Leopold König, Richie Porte, Sergio Henao and Wout Poels.”

  • Martin Critchlow

    Kiryienka needs to be in team that mans a machine.

  • markholds

    No Roche?!

  • West Ham, Egg and Chips

    Pate and Henao to miss out? Usually I’d think Rowe may miss out, but his strong showing on the Cobbles earlier this year could get him in as a Lieutenant for the first week. Surprised to see Roche and Deignan not make the longlist.