Chris Froome and all other riders will have to put up with dodgy hotel rooms at the Tour de France as the UCI rule out the use of motorhomes

Good news if you’re in the market for a new motorhome – Team Sky may be about to put theirs on the market after the UCI banned any teams from using anything other than the hotels provided.

Richie Porte had been the guinea pig for the spacious and luxurious campervan at the Giro d’Italia, as Sky rolled out their latest ‘marginal gain’. The team said they were ensuring their team leader wasn’t left shacked up in a dodgy hotel room like his rivals.

But the UCI was having none of it. Buried deep in a press release issued late on Friday evening, cycling’s governing body said Chris Froome and co must slum it like their domestiques.

Article 2.2.010 of the UCI Regulations now reads: “In all road stage races on the international calendar, the organisers must cover the subsistence expenses of the teams from the night before the start to the final day; riders must stay in the hotels provided by the organiser throughout the entire duration of the race”.

And the UCI insist: “The decision was made in order to reaffirm absolute fairness between all riders. The amended article comes into force immediately.”

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With the cost of housing the hundreds of riders and staff that come with the modern-day Tour de France funding is probably a bit tight for the ASO, pretty much ruling out the 5* pads Premier League footballers would find themselves in before a game.

The decision didn’t go down well with Froome, while Twitter was its usual excellent self in deriding the new ruling.

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The ruling will also affect Alberto Contador if the he ever rides another Giro d’Italia. The Spaniard enjoyed a night at team owner Oleg Tinkov’s luxury villa on one night of this year’s race.

Tinkov’s may as well put the ‘For Sale’ sign up now.

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  • The Awakening

    RE: “Article 2.2.010 of the UCI Regulations now reads: “In all road stage races on the international calendar, the organisers must cover the subsistence expenses of the teams from the night before the start to the final day; riders must stay in the hotels provided by the organiser throughout the entire duration of the race”.”

    UCI directive 2.2.010: ‘Worker drone cyclists’ must ‘concentrate’ en masse in dodgy hotel rooms, so that more UCI directives may apply to ‘worker drone cyclists’, as and when, the UCI illustrious jobsworths make them up, on the hoof. Note, that UCI directive 2.2.010 makes no mention about the illustrious UCI jobsworths, having to adhere to this directive.

  • John Cleary

    If they stick with the letter rather than the spirit of the rules (a la Richie Porte wheel swap) there probably won’t be much cycling done…”riders must stay in the hotels provided by the organiser throughout the entire duration of the race”

  • dale

    now if we can get that uci ruling applied to some of the countries ‘travelers’

  • Nigel Rue

    Freddie, I agree with your desire to have more attacking, spontaneous racing. Your idea for banning power meters would probably work. The problem as I see it though, is when you begin banning stuff when do you stop? This I feel is the trap that the UCI have fallen into. I would just like to see cycling move out of the 19 century and into the 21st.

  • Vespertine

    Why do power meters make racing dull? I don’t think the cost has anything to do with it man, they simply cannot let this get out of hand, or there would be a lot of motor homes and local businesses would lose a lot of money.

  • 65juicer

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    How can a decent night’s sleep be something that a ruling body can get involved in ??

  • 65juicer

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    How can a decent night’s sleep be something for a ruling body to get involved in ??

  • David Chadderton


  • binghammer

    Glad the UCI have stomped on this motorhome nonsense. What if it caught on? One for each rider. Imagine 198 motorhomes parking up each night.

  • Giant Bikes Break

    Kent University did a study about it. 70% of UK elite swimmers are asthmatic, too. As for ‘exercise induced asthma’ – there’s ongoing debate amongst medics as to whether asthma and its exercise induced variant are the same condition or whether the latter should be more accurately termed exercise induced bronchospasm.. We used to call the barking cough after a hard effort a pursuiter’s cough and it was a badge of honour that you’d pushed yourself to your limit. But then back in the day we didn’t have medicine, shoes or anything to eat except coal.

  • SeanMcCuen

    good call. less chaos, less pollution.

  • Tony Short

    Absolutely agree with you. Technology is fine and we all benefit from it, but racing has to be a spectacle as well as a proving ground for new ideas. You’ve only got to look at the snoreathon that F1 is to see what happens when it becomes too much about technology.

  • Tim Taz S Stiles

    the story i was told by riders. This would be a improvement.

  • dale

    bivvy bag?

  • dale

    it’s called exercise-induced asthma, from training like robots.

  • Vance Harvey

    What a lot of nonsense!

  • barry davies

    ! A third of Sky’s riders have asthma ! where has that come from ??? are they advised by Salazar ???

  • Freddie Merckx

    Carbon bikes don’t make racing dull, power meters in races do. Anyone care to argue that?

    Also, please show me how the benefits of sleeping in a tricked out caravan justify the cost? Take all the time you want…

  • Freddie Merckx

    As it is, the number of vehicles SKY brings along with them on the Tour is ridiculous. They have now added a “kitchen” truck that sits on a 17.5 tonne chassis. Great if you can afford it but how many teams outside the top 5 can?

    From a cost vs benefits standpoint, private motorhomes for riders is an absurd idea

  • Vespertine

    HRM’s too? How far back would you like to go? Carbon? Motor-homes are a logistical problem.

  • Vespertine

    Yes, this is the point.

  • Roger

    I wonder what is meant by “must stay” anyway. If a rider spends most of the night in a motorhome or somewhere else entirely and simply checks in and out of the at the hotel at some point, does that count as “staying”? Or does the UCI really want to restrict the riders’ freedom of movement? I would have thought it would make more sense to place restrictions on the vehicles the teams are allowed to use.

  • David Chadderton

    200 riders in Le Tour de France. France is not big enough for 200 extra motorhomes near every stage town. And, hotels in every stage town would lose all that guaranteed business.

  • cahern1968

    The percentage of asthmatics involved in professional sports versus the percentage of asthmatics in the general population is huge.

  • Giant Bikes Break

    Don’t the UCI realise that all those asthmatic world tour riders need to avoid the dust mites that infest hotel rooms. A third of Sky’s riders have asthma so it’s only right and proper that they’d pioneer a solution to the problem.

  • Jonathan Seyghal

    My first thought ‘why control where cyclists sleep?!’
    Second.. Having all teams in one hotel makes it easier for them to be randomly drug tested and having motorhomes would make it easier for some to dope (hidden drugs in fittings etc).

  • Crydda

    I don’t think this has anything to do with fairness, in reality – propbably more to do with an anticipated logistical problem, if all the teams start turning up with huge motor homes. Where to park and increased traffic issues could create more problems in races with more than enough vehicles in and around them at the moment.
    Having said that; it is absolutely correct that a lot of ‘budget’ French hotels, are disgusting flea pits – stay in one once or twice and you do your best to avoid them in the future.

  • Freddie Merckx

    Respect your view Nigel and I’m not against progress that benefits everyone, but racing by numbers is sucking the life out of the sport. Power meters have a place in training but not races. Watching teams form orderly trains on climbs and riding like metronomes to a set power limit is dreary and designed to inhibit attacking racing.

    I want to see a race, not a procession until the last few kilometres

  • Brendan Power

    To say this reaffirms absolute fairness between all riders shows just how out of touch the UCI really is. I was fortunate enough to see the Tour last year and I’m sure there was a difference between the Sky team bus and that of Netapp-Endura (as an example). There are also, of course, many other differences between World Tour and Pro Continental teams. Anyway, while the riders sleep in their ‘dodgy’ hotels they at least have the satisfaction of knowing that UCI officials who come to watch the race will not have to put up with the same privations.

  • Nigel Rue

    My view is the opposite of yours. I want real progress. Lets see what man and machine are ultimately capable of, and let the technology trickle down to us mere mortals.

  • Freddie Merckx

    Not often I agree with the UCI, but I will on this. Motorhomes should NOT be permitted. Whilst you are at it, ban power meters and rider radios too (I am serious)