Vincenzo Nibali got chucked off the Vuelta a España for clinging on to his team car on stage two, and Twitter was its usual unforgiving self

The Vuelta a España jury took a dim view of Vincenzo Nibali’s use of his team car to help him back to the main bunch after a crash – ejecting the Italian from the race for taking a tow.

While Nibali and Astana protested that this kind of thing happens all the time – which it almost certainly does – rules are rules and the 2014 Tour de France winner had to pack his bags.

If he wanted to find a little compassion for his plight, it’s probably best that he stayed away from Twitter, where the initial shock was followed by some not-so subtle mocking. Here are some of the best tweets.

1. The Bristol Bike Centre start things off with this cracking meme.

2. Richard Moore’s reaction was shared by everyone who heard about the DQ before they saw it. You can watch the video here.

3. Eurosport’s Carlton Kirby, who was commentating on the race, joked that Nibali ought to be commended for holding on to the car in tricky circumstances.

4. Kirby’s co-commentator Dan Lloyd made this excellent gag…

5. While Daniel Friebe recalled this incident from the Tour de France.

6. The Race Radio trawled the photo archives for this cracking picture. The jury must have been busy after this one.

7. Nibali will undoubtedly be cursing the use of helicopters to record footage of the race.

8. While John Scripps makes this very valid point.

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  • FPCyclist

    It’s the footage that sunk Mr. Nibs. It was a Benny Hill moment….cue the music.

  • RobTM

    So if they saw something and glossed over it, they just didn’t do their jobs. I heard Kirby say, Nibali had been working on front. If Nibali seemed to vanish when the team car sped up and away , you’ld think the summariser would try and find out what really happened even if it meant asking Twitter lol

    I guess Sean Kelly might have tipped the viewers off with some anecdote given Nibs lack of legitimate team support. With Sky box you can replay it yourself and make up one’s own mind

  • RobTM

    Nibali has won it.. 2010, won the Giro in 2013.

  • Markus

    There’s an error in the second paragraph stating Nibali was the “2013 Vuelta winner.” Chris Horner won the 2013 Vuelta.

  • Ben Alexander

    I like Kirby but at the same time on commentary he seems to think the sun shines out of Nibali’s backside, didn’t say anything about him making the move on Froome during tdf and there was no ad break when this happened, just seemed to laugh about it and say hmmmmm there may be some fines going about today as Nibali was drafting cars too.

  • RobTM

    So have Kirby and Lloyd explained, how they missed the action? Badly timed Ad break? Shame they couldn’t replay a clip from (Flemish?) Eurosport during the coverage or at least during Flecha/House post race; at time they just seemed surprised that Nibali had got back in contact, think the word “heroic” was used