Head cam shows exactly what it takes to be neutral service at a grand tour

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a neutral service mechanic at a grand tour? Me neither. But this video from Shimano sheds a light on just how pressurised a job it can be.

From changing riders’ wheels as quickly as you possibly can, to handing wheels to each other from motorbike to car while still moving at some speed, the video gives a brief insight to what its like to be a mechanic at the Vuelta a Espana. There’s an unexpected amount of running involved, while it’s also unlikely to you’d be given much margin for error in that role.

  • Jim Harley

    Next year’s grand tours need a LOT more GoPro footage. It’s the best angle in the peleton.

  • Rob Fielding

    I agree Derek, really brings the excitement of the race…may be they should use more of this on ITV Tour Coverage…or get Ned Boulting to go on as a rookie mechanic? Now that would be good TV!

  • Derek Green

    Really interesting video and insight! 🙂