British Madison National Championship photo gallery by Andy Jones>>

Mark Christian and Simon Yates won the 2012 British Madison National Championship at Manchester velodrome on Saturday afternoon, January 28.

The 100% ME duo comprehensively overhauled the field to take the win – and earn the right to wear the red, white and blue national champions’ jerseys.

Sky and Sigma Sport pair Alex Dowsett and Tom Murray placed second, with 100% ME’s George Atkins and Owain Doull in third spot.

Also taking place during the afternoon were the qualifying rounds for the evening’s sprint events at the final Revolution track meeting of the year.

Olympic sprint stars Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny were among those hitting the boards. Fans will not be treated to seeing Kenny in the sprint world champion’s jersey as he is yet to be officially awarded it by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Kenny claimed the jersey after Frenchman Gregory Bauge was stripped of the title after violating the UCI’s anti-doping regulations.

Doull and Atkins

Christian and Yates

Dowsett and Murray

Simon Yates and Mark Christian top the podium

Sir Chris Hoy looking pensive

Sir Chris Hoy getting ready to start

Sir Chris Hoy in action during the qualifiers for the evening’s Revolution track meeting

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British Madison National Championship photo gallery by Andy Jones

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  • dai bananas brother

    this race, along with the two supporting youth madisons, was absolutely top-class Shame there weren’t more people present

  • Ian Hall

    In similar fashion, according to their kit, there were two Alex Dowsetts in the race!

  • White Rose

    Minty was riding with Alex Dowsett of Sky. In madisons teams have to wear same kit and Sky don’t allow their riders to wear other team’s kit so they were never going to appear in Sigma Sport kit. More importantly congratulations to Simon Yates and Mark Christian. The senior national champion’s jersey will go nicely with Simon’s junior world champions jersey!

  • William Hirst

    What is with Tom Murray wearing a Sky jersey when he rides for Sigma Sport? I am sure there is a good reason and I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know why.