Dave Creeggan and Sophie Coleman were the fastest man and woman around the 312km sportive in Mallorca last Saturday

The Brits ruled the roost at the Mallorca312 sportive on Saturday (April 25), with both the fastest male and female hailing from the south of England.

Dave Creeggan, from Surrey, and Brighton’s Sophie Coleman crossed the line with the best times in the 312km (194-mile) circumnavigation of the Spanish island.

While technically the event is not a race, Creeggan found himself battling hard against some very well supported opponents in his quest for the fastest time.

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“It’s a sportive and not really a race, but there were some guys taking it really seriously,” said Creeggan, who rides for Pedal Heaven RT. “Some of them had following cars helping them out and people dotted all over the island handing out bottles and musettes.

“We weren’t really prepared for that so when we pulled up at the feed stations we were some of the only ones who stopped, so everyone attacked as we filled up our water bottles and it was a manic chase to get back on.”

Dave Creeggan crosses the line first in Mallorca

Dave Creeggan crosses the line first in Mallorca

Creeggan crossed the line in an impressive 8h 52m and 24-year-old Coleman was the first woman home in 9h 45m, with her ride mostly fuelled by products from her family’s Oatopia business.

And while for many riders a 194-mile event would be the pinnacle of their year, for Coleman it was a great excuse to get fit and get back into the British racing scene this season.

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“I signed up in October and forgot about it until January,” she told Cycling Weekly. “When the New Year came round I thought I ought to get on with some training.

“When I was at university I didn’t really do much cycling so it’s really only been in the last few months that I’ve got back into it.

“Now that I’ve got really fit I’ve decided to do a bit more racing this year, so this has kind of kickstarted that.”

  • robert nixon

    sportive?is that what used to be known as a clubrun?

  • Yes it is true. The magazine lost it’s way under the previous editor and this current editor seems to think that circulation can be increased by a new design when it’s the content that’s a problem. All I’ve ever asked for is to recognise that cycling is a broad church and they really should cover all aspects. Pages of Sportive coverage doesn’t do it for me or for a lot of other cyclists.

  • ralf

    CW in the 60s? When I started reading the magazine in the early 80s it was called “Cycling” and it was a lot better than it is now. I think the addition of the pointless and rather down-dumbing “Weekly” to the name was the beginning of the end.

  • No, there are 3 Ian Franklin cyclists that I know of. This one … i.e. me …. is the Ian Franklin who worked on CW with Gayfer in the 60s, the one who bemoans the way our magazine has been wrecked, the one who lives in Thailand, the one who is a member of the A5 Rangers CC and the one who is founder and coach to the Chiang Mai Track Stars. I am also the one in dispute with the UCI because it does not accept that the Thai Cycling Association’s refusal to issue licences to riders from overseas who live in Thailand is against the UCI constitution. But nice to share a name with you Ian.

  • Ian Franklin

    Dave was treating this as a sportive and not a race. If it was a race Dave would have won even more emphatically. As a Pedal Heaven rider he has an excellent manager/DS in Tim Elverson

  • Ian Franklin

    Can I please make clear that the above is not from Ian Franklin of VC Meudon/GS Vecchi.

    Mallorca 312 is not an ordinary sportive. It is not your local charity event.
    A Sportive rider? You really need to keep up with race reports and results. Dave Creegan is not an ordinary rider. At the age of 41 he is a BC Masters National champion and apart from contributing to Pedal Heavens race success is still winning top class events as an Elite.

  • Erik Van Bommel

    Creggan sounds like he was underprepared, not that he was riding (competing?) against those who were treating the race(ride?) seriously. Time to find a new manager.

  • barry davies

    Because thats all Cycling Weekly is interested in !!

  • Could someone please explain why sportive riders are newsworthy???