This is Chris Froome’s Pinarello F10 race bike that he’s been riding throughout the 2017 season.

It has loads of neat and very deliberate details, suggesting that Chris Froome takes his bike set up very seriously indeed.

Climbs are often the decisive moments in a race and weight is clearly a key consideration in Froome’s set up.

Previously, when riding the Pinarello F8, Froome had to use a special X-light model in order to get close to the UCI limit, however the new Pinarello F10 is lighter than its predecessor, meaning no special frame is required.

That said, there are lots of interesting tweaks and modifications to save weight where ever possible. If you would like to see the F8 X-Light model you can click here.

What you may not remember is that the X-Light met an unfortunate end in a crash with a motorbike on the ascent of Mont Ventoux in 2016. The crash which resulted in Froome getting off and running.

Weight isn’t everything though, with several features and equipment choices on Froome’s bike suggestion he is also taking aerodynamics seriously too.

If you would like to see a comparison to his old bike, you can click here.

Watch the video to see all the interesting little details.