Best bike lights

If you plan to ride in dusk, dawn, or after the sun’s beam has well and truly been switched off, you must have a white light fitted to the front of your bike, and a red light fitted to the rear.

Front bike lights can be split into two very distinct categories: seeing lights, and being seen lights. The former acts much like a car headlight, allowing a cyclist to ride down unlit country lanes at any time of day, whilst ‘be seen’ lights simply aid visibility for other road users and are suitable only for use on street lit roads.

Rear lights are always red, and usually come with a selection of light patterns – some designed to maintain battery life for as long as possible whilst others offer maximum

In recent years, daytime running bike lights have also become popular. These use attention grabbing light patterns specifically designed to mark a cyclist out on the road even when there is ample natural light.

The sort of lightset you need will depend upon the riding you're doing. If you're sticking to lit roads, a 'be seen' set like the Knog Plus Twinpack will be plenty. Those out on unlit roads will want a much higher output, such as what's on offer from Lezyne in the Litedrive 1000 XL. The Zecto Drive set, also from Lezyne, offers a good middle ground between the two.