CW5000 January challenges

Two challenges for January to help keep you riding through one of the darkest, wettest, coldest months of the year. Please stick to government guidelines on exercise where ever you live and ride responsibly. Remember that indoor rides and miles count towards this challenge.

Happy new year and welcome to the first of your 2021 challenges. Once again, well done to everyone who hit the 5,000-mile mark last year. We had lots of you contacting us to tell us you’d completed it right up until the end of December. We’re still working through the emails and updating the finishers list on the website.

If you’ve just signed up to the CW5000 to kick start your riding in 2021, then welcome to the group.

The current guidelines in England allow you out for exercise once a day with someone from your household or one other person, but staying in your local area. We encourage everyone to double check restrictions in your area and abide by them. We want everyone to stay safe at this time.

There is no need to sign up to the monthly challenges this year. Once you’ve completed them both simply email proof (screen grab of your ride logging app or site, and an image of the new road) to



Look for a weather window, wrap up warm and head out for some fresh air. Two hours can be a big ride at this time of year when our fitness isn’t where we want it to be so remember to take enough food and drink as your body will be working extra hard to stay warm and will need the calories. The beauty of staying local and doing loops near home means you can always cut the ride short if you’re not feeling it. Extra kudos to anyone who does a two hour ride on their turbo.


While most of the challenges through the year will be focused on pushing your distance and time on the bike, at this time of year and under current restrictions, big rides aren’t always possible. So instead why not go and explore some roads you haven’t previously ridden, or turn down that road you’ve always ignored. Who knows where it might take you or what you might find?

What is the CW5000?

The CW5000 is an annual mileage target that includes monthly challenges and has a friendly, supportive community to help you hit your goals. Join the Cycling Weekly 5000-mile challenge and let us and the group motivate you to keep riding throughout 2021.

Find out more here.

Join a community of like-minded individuals to share your story with. Take part in monthly challenges, win prizes, get first access to exclusive content – be inspired.

5000 miles breaks down to just 13.7 miles a day, which for most is around 1 hour on the bike. You don’t need to change your life; you do need to stick at it, and you will reap the benefits.

2020 CW5000 Finishers

If you rode 5,000 miles in 2020 be sure to let us know. Email a screen grab of your profile on your preferred ride logging site, or an image of your mileage chart or riding spreadsheet to Be sure to let us know where and when you hit the 5000 mile target and any other stats about your riding this year. For those who aren't close to the target, don't worry, there's still a long way to go this year.

Unfortunately we have now sold out of 2020 finishers medals, but don't worry. If you ordered one, you will still receive it. We stopped taking orders once we had sold out. Due to delays at British ports the medals are expected to arrive with us some time in mid January. Once we receive them we will send them straight on.

Happy riding!

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