Cycling Recipes: Sweet Eve strawberries with smoked salmon

Summer is the traditional time for eating strawberries, and pairing their sweetness with smoked salmon makes for a winning cycling recipe combination

The key ingredient in this recipe is smoked salmon, which is a great source of omega three, a group of essential fatty acids which can’t be produced by the body and must be obtained from the diet.

Known for their role in growth and development, foods rich in omega three have won superfood status thanks to their ability to protect against depression, heart disease, cancer and inflammation. The latter is important in strenuous exercise, since free radical damage and ‘trauma’ from workouts can result in inflammation.

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There’s also good evidence to show that fish oils may boost lung function, and can reduce the risk of exercise-induced airway constriction and inflammation. As well as healthy fats, salmon is rich in protein, which will help to curb hunger. Recent research shows that a small increase in protein can aid weight loss, due to its ability to control the appetite.

Although not a traditional partner to salmon, strawberries boast super anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the compound ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant found in berries.
Strawberries are also rich in 
immune-boosting vitamin C and each portion will provide around 75 per cent 
of the recommended daily intake. You’ll also benefit from the black pepper which is renowned in Ayurvedic medicine for 
its antioxidant.


1 – 
Spread the smoked 
salmon in equal portions 
on four plates
2 – Peel the strawberries and slice them into thin slices.
3 – Cut the lemon lengthways into four sections.
4 – 
Scatter the strawberries over the smoked salmon, or arrange them in a spiral round the platter. Grind the black pepper generously over 
the dish.
5 – 
Serve with a few 
lemon wedges.

The perfect match?

This starter may sound unusual, but the delicate, sweet tartness of fresh Sweet Eve strawberries is the perfect foil for the rich, salty oiliness of smoked salmon. The two flavours really complement one another.

You can either serve the strawberries and salmon together on a plate, or you could also wrap individual whole strawberries with strips of salmon, and pierce them with cocktail sticks to serve as canapés. It’s up to you.


Serves four
< 400g smoked salmon
< 200g Sweet Eve strawberries
<  Black pepper
< 1 lemon

Each serving contains % GDA 9guideline daily amount
Cals 193kcal 10
Sugar 3g 3
Fat 10g 14
Sat Fat 1.7g 9
Salt 3.6g 60