Tweets of the Week: Elinor Barker’s day in the life, tunnel vision with Jumbo-Visma and Phil Gaimon’s dinner plate

We've been trawling social media for the best cycling tweets over the last seven days

Cycling activity is ramping up, as we’ve had the first UCI stage race since March with more events on the way.

The pros are looking to the return of racing and their social media output has been increasing with their training.

Over the last week we’ve seen Ellen Noble on the blight of ‘Kyles’ in mountain biking, Elinor Barker on her truthful day in the life and Geraint Thomas with a Bane lookalike inside Team Ineos.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the last week:

1. Famously Dumoulin isn’t a fan of Strava, but could he be playing the long game?

2. After being mistaken for Froome last week, Thomas has found another Team Ineos lookalike

3. The cycling mansplainers are at it again – just stop

4. This is a day in the life we really want to see

5. Ominous rumblings at the Team Ineos training camp

6. Cross is always coming, so you need to keep up the skills

7. Dowsett on the real struggles of a training camp

8. Anyone wish they had this kind of range on the rear?

9. Jumbo-Visma have tunnel vision

10. We’ll have to get used to sights like this as racing returns

We’ll be back in seven days with more from cycling social media.