Gore versus dhb bib shorts: which are the better cycling short US and UK deals this Amazon Prime Day?

A pair of the cycling shorts will make your riding much more comfortable, so well worth investing in, but do Wiggle’s dhb deals today trump Amazon’s?

Image shows Gore versus dhb Amazon Prime Day deals.
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Although the cycling bib short deals from Gore’s range have been great on Amazon, we also spotted that Wiggle currently has massive savings on its dhb range - so which is the best deal to go for? 

We’ve compared and contrasted the US and UK deals on men’s and women’s bib shorts, to help you on your way to find the best cycling shorts for you.

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US Deals


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Gore C5 Men's $120.00 80.82 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The size small is on the biggest discount. Previously priced at $120.00, it’s now down to $80.82. Sizes medium and large are reduced slightly less to $100.81. Of course, some money off is alway better than nothing – and these shorts are great with their supportive chamois and wide leg grippers – but compared to other shorts being sold elsewhere, you can a similar quality at a much lower price right now. 

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dhb Aeron Lab Men's $125.00 $62.50 at Wiggle (opens in new tab)

dhb’s Aeron Lab shorts are on a 50 per cent discount, previously priced at $125.00 and now on sale for $62.50 - this is across all sizes. This makes these shorts an absolute steal. We’ve been really impressed by the quality of dhb’s Lab range of products – and especially the price that they sell for. In already being a great value option, even at full list price, this 50% discount really shouldn't be missed. 


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Gore C7 Women’s Bib Shorts+ $200.00 $112.95 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

These Gore shorts have been reduced from $200.00 to $112.95 - but only in size XL. Gore’s C7 bib shorts are the brand’s highly ventilated option for racing cyclists in warm weather conditions. The four-way stretch helps provide a comfy, close fit and the Elastic Interface pad chamois is top-notch. This hefty saving is great and really shouldn’t be missed – provided that the single size is a match for you.

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dhb’s Aeron Lab Women’s Ultralight Bib Shorts $175.00 $117.00 at Wiggle (opens in new tab)

Unlike the Gore discount, this deal is one that’s available across all sizes. Those who can take advantage of the Gore C7 deal really should. But for those who are after different sizes, this is a really substantial deal on dhb’s top-of-the-line bib shorts for maximising cooling and comfort on the longest and hardest rides. 

UK Deals


Image (opens in new tab)

Gore Men's C5 Opti Bib Shorts+ £99.99 from £47.24 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Previously £99.99, you can find the shorts on sale for £47.24 in size small and medium, and £58.95 in the large. The C5 shorts are made from a breathable fabric to keep things comfortable in warm conditions. For the most part. Gore has gone and strategically placed a windproof panel in the front area to avoid the ‘wind chill effect’. In terms of the chamois, Gore has developed this with industry experts Elastic Interface, so you can expect comfort on long rides.

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dhb Aeron Ultra Bib Shorts £100 £60 at Wiggle (opens in new tab)

dhb Aeron Ultra Bib Shorts cater for all-day rides and multi-day trips thanks to a leg pocket for quick access to essentials and the brand’s custom designed Elastic Interface long-distance pad that’s rated to seven hour plus rides. Coldback finishing also reduces the absorption of heat rays in black-based shorts, and so it’s a great option if you’re out riding in hot, sunny conditions. 

These are very similar shorts, ultimately it’s going to come down to which has the bigger saving in your size. The price of the Gore shorts does dip lower, but in the larger sizes the discounts aren’t as good – at this point the dhb shorts would become the better buy. 

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Gore Women’s Ardent Bib Shorts+ £149.99 £93.96 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Gore’s Ardent+ has a close fit, with seamless silicone leg bands. The full mesh upper bib construction features a patented two-zip opening system to make mid-ride pee stops easier. The main downside is that the deal only applies to the size large. So it’s great if that’s you, but if not – and if you aren’t so fussed about Gore’s easy-pee system – then you will probably be best served by the offering from dhb.

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dhb Aeron Lab Womens Ultralight Bib Shorts £135.00 £90.00 at Wiggle (opens in new tab)

The focus of dhb’s Aeron Lab Ultralight bib shorts is around providing a skin-like fit, with lightweight materials used throughout the construction. Wide mesh straps help with comfort, and the shorts also feature an excellent chamois from Italian experts Elastic Interface, for staying comfortable on long rides up to around the seven hour mark. 

Overall, the Aeron Lab shorts are slightly cheaper – and across a wider range of sizes. We’ve been really impressed by dhb’s Lab range, so in terms of build quality and comfort, we’d put the two about on a par. The biggest distinction between the two is Gore’s easy-pee system, which makes the Ardent Bib Shorts+ the better buy for longer, more adventurous rides. 

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