My favorite cycling sunglasses are now half price - incredible savings on 100% glasses

There are huge reductions across 100%'s range in both the USA and UK - including my favorite model!

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We are still a few weeks away from the Black Friday deals event itself (running from November 24th to 27th) but that's not stopped some retailers going early with their discounts - and the ones on 100% sunglasses are particularly strong right now.

Even better (at least for me!), the discounts extend to my favorite model - the 100% S3 sunnies. In the UK, there's currently a whopping 57% off and over in the USA it's a still a respectable 51% reduction

100% S3 Sunglasses: was $196.30

100% S3 Sunglasses: was $196.30, now $95.49 at Chain Reaction Cycles - save 51%

I really love this model. I really get on with the lens shape - lots of coverage, but still not too large for my face. This is the best deal I could find for this particular model in the US, but there lots of alternatives too - such as a whopping 67% off the Glendale model and 43% off the  S3 Photochromic

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100% S3 Sunglasses: was £159.00

100% S3 Sunglasses: was £159.00, now £78.00 at Sigma Sports - save 57%

This is the best deal I could find in the UK - and it is a good one! Again, I really love the fit and frame shape of 100%'s S3 sunglasses - they sit just right for me and they feel super secure.

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I really love the large, but not too large, one piece lens along with the grippy nose piece and temple arms - they stay rock solidly in place without digging in or causing any hotspots. 

The vents and the hydrophobic coating do a great job at keeping the glasses from steaming up - even at the end of a hard effort in the cold and damp (as essentially every ride is right now). 

It is supposed to repel dirt and oil, too, but I can attest that if you end up touching the lens after an impromptu Cornish Pasty, you will leave a smear! On the other hand, it is at least pretty easy to wipe clean. 

There's a variety of other great deals in the USA right now  - the photochromic S2 model is currently 47% off  and is really handy for the winter. Another top pick is the 100% Speedcrafts in Black Smoke and 35% off. The full range of deals at Chain Reaction Cycles can be found right here.

In the UK, the Speedcrafts are also a whopping 57% off and represent another great saving. But I'd also recommend the Hypercraft at 56% off - unfortunately the photochromic deals only start at 21% off for the Speedtrap frame. The full range of Sigma Sports' 100% deals is just over here.

Or, to compare the top models we've reviewed, you can check out our buyer's guide to the best cycling sunglasses just over here. 

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