My five winter riding essentials are on sale this Prime Day

Riding through winter brings new challenges. I've found some of my favourite essentials at great prices in the Amazon Prime Day sale

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 continues until the end of today - Wednesday October 11th. 

Riding through the winter means gray days, wet roads, and potentially freezing temperatures at times. The right kit is essential, in terms of bike setup and clothing, so you can actually get some enjoyment out of the less-than-ideal conditions.

Bike Lights

Bike Lights

USA: was $31.99 now $17.99 from GearLight

UK: was £49.99 now £28.49 from CatEye

It's not just at night that bike lights are a good safety measure. Winter days are shorter and grayer, cyclists can be difficult to see, so it's good to have both front and rear turned on. Even on a bright day, visibility can be difficult at times, so many front lights come with a Daytime flashing mode, which cuts through distractions. 

There are some fantastic deals on light sets this Prime Day, so you can stay safe without going broke. A 400-lumen front light such as the CatEye AMPP is powerful enough for commuting and riding on busy streets and quieter roads with some street lighting. If you're heading out into the countryside, opt for something punchier.

Buff or Neckwarmer

Buff or Neckwarmer

USA: was $30.00 now $19.21 from Icebreaker

UK: was £16.37 now £9.98 from Buff

I wear one of these throughout the winter months. It prevents a chill down my jersey and can be pulled up over the face or even around the head when it's really cold. 

There are loads of brands selling these discounted for Prime Day, and in the UK there are excellent deals on Buff-branded warmers. They come in lots of nice colors but this well-discounted one is sadly only available in black at that price. In the US, Icebreaker Merino is the best one I found, which you know will be great quality and super warm.

Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves

USA: was $70.00 now $37.56 from SealSkinz

UK: was £79.99 now £58.82 from Gore Wear

As someone who suffers from Raynauds, I know that having cold hands can ruin a ride. A good pair of gloves is definitely worth investing in, and for US customers, Amazon has some great deals on SealSkinz, a brand known for its high-quality waterproof and protective clothing. These gloves have a merino lining, waterproof outer and grippy palm, so you stay warm and in control.

In the UK, I found some GORE WEAR gloves similar to some I have used over previous winters and got on with well, which are waterproof, windproof and breathable. 

Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket

USA: was $85.00, now $79.99 from Pearl Izumi

UK: was £79.99 now £38.99 from Altura

If you're commuting through all conditions, then you're going to need a decent rain jacket. One that will keep the rain out, breathes well, and allows you to layer underneath. This Altura women's storm jacket is perfect for the job, from a brand that is known for its versatile and practical kit and it's at almost 50% off.

In the US there are fewer offerings, at least from the big brands. If you want a more general waterproof shell that can be used in a variety of ways then there's plenty of choice. 



USA: was $49.99 now $31.49 from GripGrab

UK: was £59.19 now £44.68 from GORE WEAR

Riding for hours with wet feet is horrible. The only way to avoid this is by using a pair of overshoes, or investing in a pair of full winter cycling shoes. I opt for the former and although your feet will eventually get wet due to cleat holes, they'll stay dry far longer.

On the US side of Amazon, there are some GripGrab overshoes up for grabs. They're waterproof and slightly insulating, with plenty of stretch which makes them easier to fit. The fluorescent colourway is great for commuting. In the UK, Gore Wear C3 overshoes are at a big discount, and have similar features, with an adjustable velcro strap to ensure a tight fit. 

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