I've had my share of disastrous group rides, here's how to lead a successful one

Marley Blonsky shares her tips on leading a group ride that people will want to come back to

Marley Blonsky
(Image credit: Marley Blonsky)

Leading a group ride is one of the best ways you can give back to the cycling community. Group rides are an accessible, fun and often challenging (in a good way) entry point for newer cyclists looking to advance their skills, fitness or community ties. 

While the physical act of leading a ride isn’t hard, planning and executing a ride that people will want to come back to takes deliberate work and intentionality. As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of All Bodies on Bikes, a group that prides itself on inclusive, social rides, I spend a lot of time thinking about group ride dynamics. After leading hundreds of group rides myself, and now training others on how to successfully lead group rides, I’ve learned a few things about how to lead a ride that people will actually want to come back to. 

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Marley Blonsky

Marley Blonsky is a fat adventure cyclist, co-founder of All Bodies on Bikes, co-host of the All Bodies on Bikes podcast, curve model, advocate, and consultant. Marley is fiercely passionate about size inclusion, believing that everyone deserves full access to life - including at work, in sport, and at home.