Meet indieVelo — Everything you need to know about virtual cycling's newest platform

Your complete guide to the new online virtual platform with a racing focus that welcomes the everyday user

(Image credit: indieVelo)

During the pandemic, virtual cycling experienced a boom as platforms enjoyed record amounts of users seeking a safe outlet to pursue their cycling passion. With that popularity came several new platforms vying for a piece of the recreational and fitness-oriented rider community.

Launched in June 2023, indieVelo is the newest online platform, aiming to fill a different niche by setting a high standard in a way that will appeal to the masses. The platform was developed by two virtual cycling experts: Dr. George Gilbert, the former Chairperson of Cycling Esports at Zwift, and Bjoern Ossenbrink, the former head of the Zwift Accuracy and Data Analysis (ZADA) team. Built from the ground up with an esports racing focus, indievelo aims to meet the expectations of the competitive indoor rider and fitness-oriented set alike.

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