Nine things road cyclists shouldn’t care about... but still do

We run through nine things that maybe we should let go of in the pursuit of getting back to the core of why we really love road cycling

Sam looking at his phone after completing an indoor cycling workout
(Image credit: Future)

We as cyclists are a bit of a funny bunch, there’s no disputing that. We get obsessed over small details and are pretty known for sweating the small stuff. Now I’m sure like most of you, geeking out on the details is actually really fun and satisfies a weird part of our brains. 

Quietly thinking about every tiny detail of my bike and the parts I may wish to upgrade in the future consumes more of my brain activity than maybe it should. But recently, I took a step back and realised that there’s actually quite a few dumb things that we as cyclists probably shouldn’t care about. So let’s get into them…

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