Mark Beaumont's ultimate endurance masterclass

Mark Beaumont rode around in world in just 78 days, covering 240 miles a day. What did he discover about himself, and about the limits of human endurance, along the way? - Photos by Daniel Gould

Mark Beaumont.

(Image credit: Daniel Gould)

On day nine of his attempt to ride around the world in 80 days, Mark Beaumont found himself on the floor. A face-off between his front wheel and a pothole — one of Russia’s liberal stippling — had rendered him a battered heap on the deck.

Nursing a cracked tooth and a sharp pain in his left elbow — later diagnosed as a fracture — Beaumont dusted himself off, clambered back aboard his custom-built Koga, and continued on his unremitting tack across the globe.

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Steve has been writing (mainly fitness features) for Cycling Weekly for 11 years. His current riding inclination is to go long on gravel bikes... which melds nicely with a love of carbs