Chris Boardman appeals to Boris Johnson to improve HGV safety for cyclists

Chris Boardman and Boris Johnson, London, March 2013

Olympic gold medallist and former world champion Chris Boardman has issued an open letter to Mayor of London Boris Johnson appealing for an urgent review of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) safety in the capital after a spate of cyclist deaths.

Boardman's letter suggesting that lorries are banned during peak periods comes after six cyclists have died on the roads of London within two weeks. Nine of the year's 14 cyclist fatalities in the capital have involved HGVs.

As British Cycling's Policy Adviser, Boardman has been heavily involved in various cycle safety forums, and was present in March 2013 when Johnson unveiled his £913 million plan for cycling in London.

"When I rode alongside you to help you launch your vision for cycling in March this year, you made a verbal promise to look at the successful experiences of Paris and many other cities in restricting the movements of heavy vehicles during peak hours," says Boardman.

"Let's not waste this opportunity to do something now. The longer we delay, the more lives will be lost."

"Improving HGV safety is a key aspect of our road safety manifesto. My colleagues at British Cycling are willing to help on this matter in whatever way they can."

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