'Getting away with it is shockingly easy': Five reasons why motor doping suspicions won't go away

Having spent over a year investigating motor doping, Chris Marshall-Bell examines the rumours and unanswered questions that remain

An x-rayed bike
(Image credit: Alamy)

Motor doping: pro riders enhancing not their own performance but instead adding watts directly to the back wheel – what do you reckon? Are you shrugging your shoulders, or shouting about a hidden conspiracy that cycling continues to wilfully ignore? 

One year ago, my response was somewhere in between those two extremes. I’d heard rumours, of course, but I had no firm opinion either way. I’d seen the videos that many keyboard warriors cite as ‘proof’ of motor doping – Fabian Cancellara’s 2010 Tour of Flanders win and Chris Froome’s Mont Ventoux attack at the 2013 Tour de France – but I wasn’t convinced. Then something very strange and unexpected happened. 

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