Green boxers, polka dot mugs and Maxoo: Inside Copenhagen's Tour de France shop

Denmark has gone wild for the Tour de France, so Cycling Weekly decided to join in the fun at the ASO-approved store

Tour de France
(Image credit: Getty Images)

You cannot move for Tour de France themed things in Copenhagen this week. For Denmark's first experience of La Grande Boucle the modest capital — 600,000 people live here rather than London's nine million — has really thrown itself into celebrating the race and cycling. 

There are yellow trees, a bike in every shop window - including Danish former pro, and current Quick-Step Alpha Final sporting director, Brian Holm's in one enterprising bookshop - posters of national hero Kasper Asgreen everywhere, humungous bunting, a commemorative drain cover, and "Allez! Allez! Allez!" in big letters all over the place.

But after experiencing the huge, dynamic team presentation on Wednesday evening, there was only one place for Cycling Weekly to truly feel the magic of the race: the official shop, where there's a feast of tat on offer for the discerning cycling fan.

The Tour de France Official Store, as it is properly named, is located on Frederiksberggade, one of Copenhagen's main shopping streets, which leads away northwest from the City Hall; it is found between an Asian restaurant called Momo Wok Box and the Hereford Village steak house, quite the salubrious area.

As well as being a prime shopping street, a cursory glance at Danish Wikipedia tells me that the shop is, apparently, near to where a coffee shop called Tosca used to be. It was notorious for being a spot where Nazis and Danish collaborators would hang out during the German occupation of Denmark between 1940 and 1945, and as a result it was bombed multiple times by resistance fighters. 

There are no Nazis in the Tour de France shop (as far as I can tell), where commercialism meets sport. It is busy, even past 8pm, which is when I popped in.

My eye was immediately drawn to Maxoo, the strange looking Tour de France mascot. He isn't dressed as a cyclist, more like a child who lives in some futuristic space city, and can be yours for just 150 Danish Kroner, that's about £18, if you really want to spoil someone.