Here is our selection of the best photos from some of the 72,300 riders who signed up for the 2015 Festive 500


Those attempting the Rapha Festive 500 were keen to show the world their exploits with countless photos posted to Twitter and Instagram, as well as the rides being recorded on Strava.

We’ve sifted through and tried to pick out the best images shared by those taking to two wheels between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

1. Rhys Howells was out before sunrise to get the miles in, and got to see this amazing sunrise over London as a reward

2. This rider found the epitome of the British country lane for some enjoyable winter miles

3. The trees look wintry but the leaves on the ground still look like autumn

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.48.48

4. Bert in Germany took the time to refuel and ride some cobbles as he racked up the miles

5. Tim Wiggins took a lot of photos as he rode a lot of kilometres during the Festive period. This shot shows some stunning Isle of Wight scenery

6. James Ward was another one who got click happy with his camera out on the road, but probably fair enough when faced with these conditions and wanting to tell people what he faced

7. Photos can’t always show how windy it is, but that’s what the caption is for

8. Probably the only photo that is actually Festive, where else would you go on a Christmas Day ride?

9. Now that’s proper winter riding

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 17.08.02

10. Across the pond for a pedal through some cactus fields, and a decent looking snack to fuel the ride home

11. Great photos, but I wonder how far she managed to ride between taking them?

12. This one looks like an album cover. I agree Greg, you really did have to stop to take this

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.42.43

Southern Hemisphere

Some people grumble about how much harder it is for those of us in the northern hemisphere to ride the full distance; “this would be easy if it was the middle of summer like it is in Australia…”

Well, it’s not that easy for those Down Under.

13. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, go through here and you’ll be riding home with puddles in your shoes

14. Another great shot from Australia but I wouldn’t fancy being out when that storm breaks