Behind the scenes at the Croydon Tour Series (gallery)

Cycling Weekly's resident photographer Chris Catchpole was on hand to record the women's Matrix Fitness Grand Prix and the build-up to the men's Tour Series in Croydon

Catchpole Tour Series 20

On Tuesday, June 2, some of Britain's top domestic cyclists visited Croydon for round seven of this year's Tour Series.

The headline men's race saw some frenetic racing as the technical course shredded the peloton to pieces and ended with just five riders contesting the final three laps, after all the other riders were lapped and forced to retire.

In the end, Marcin Bialoblocki and Charline Joiner came out on top in the men's and women's races, but before it all kicked off we had a look behind the scenes as the race visited South London, not far from the Cycling Weekly offices.

Our photographer, Chris Catchpole, headed up the road to record the build up to the races, and watch the women's race unfold.

This exclusive gallery gives people a glimpse into the logistics and preparations of such an event, which they might not normally get to see.

Catchpole Tour Series 1_2

Inside the Team Wiggins mechanics' truck 

Catchpole Tour Series 2

An unattended Raleigh team bike 

Catchpole Tour Series 3

Wiggle-Honda's Anna Christian warms up before the Matrix GP

Catchpole Tour Series 4

A long way from the course

Catchpole Tour Series 5

A unique opportunity to ride against Croydon's one way system 

Catchpole Tour Series 6

There may have been more than twelve angry men after only five made the winning split 

Catchpole Tour Series 7

Warming up for the women's Grand Prix 

Catchpole Tour Series 8

An uninterested pass-by 

Catchpole Tour Series 9

Olympic inspiration? 

Catchpole Tour Series 10

There were many admiring glances for the bike tech on show 

Catchpole Tour Series 11

A sunny day in Croydon 

Catchpole Tour Series 12

Rolling to the start 

Catchpole Tour Series 13

Warming up away from the circuit 

Catchpole Tour Series 14

The men's teams begin to assemble 

Catchpole Tour Series 15

Hanging out to dry 

Catchpole Tour Series 16

Madison-Genesis's sizeable team bus 

Catchpole Tour Series 17

Warming up longer than teammates 

Catchpole Tour Series 18

Final lap before the start 

Catchpole Tour Series 19

The women's GP rolls round on the neutral lap 

Catchpole Tour Series 20

Away from the other spectators for a glimpse of the action 

Catchpole Tour Series 21

The crowds soon grew for the Tour Series

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Jack Elton-Walters hails from the Isle of Wight, and would be quick to tell anyone that it's his favourite place to ride. He has covered a varied range of topics for Cycling Weekly, producing articles focusing on tech, professional racing and cycling culture. He moved on to work for Cyclist Magazine in 2017 where he stayed for four years until going freelance. He now returns to Cycling Weekly from time-to-time to cover racing, review cycling gear and write longer features for print and online. He is not responsible for misspelled titles on box outs, and he lost the argument about using UK spellings