Bike box drop test: BikeBoxAlan vs a Chinese imitation (video)

Which bike box will fare better after being pushed off a bridge: a BikeBoxAlan or a fake Chinese one?

One of the key things to look for when you're purchasing a bike box is its sturdiness and its overall ability to keep your bike out of harm on even the roughest of journeys.

In the above video, posted on YouTube by Richard Hamshaw, a BikeBoxAlan is dropped from a bridge alongside a Chinese copy to see which one fares best on impact with the ground.

Cycling Weekly hasn't tested any Chinese imitation bike boxes, so we're not at liberty to comment on their performance, but we did recently test a BikeBoxAlan and let's just say it was pretty ruddy tough.

Our reviewer even said the sturdiness of the box 'inspired confidence', which is supported by the video evidence above.

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When dropped (pushed) from a great height the Chinese box (which comes with a one year guarantee) shattered on impact and you can only imagine the damage it would cause to your pride and joy if it was inside.

The BikeBoxAlan, however, barely even bounced as it stayed completely in one piece with minimal fuss. And this box comes with a seven-year guarantee!

A thorough review if ever we've seen one. So, when buying a bike box, accept no imitations.

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