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British Cycling is being blanked by the secretary of state for sport culture and media, after it was announced that recreational cycling would no longer receive funding.

Peter King, chief executive of British Cycling, said that his attempts to arrange meetings or gain any extra information on the controversial decision, have been completely ignored by the government.

He said: ?We have written to the secretary of state, James Purnell, three times; to his special advisors twice and once to the civil servants, asking for a meeting. We have received nothing except one letter of recognition at our attempts to make contact.?

King added that the CTC, Sustrans, and the National Byway are offering support, and are said to be ?up in arms? over the government?s U-turn on sporting funding policy.

Last week CW reported the government and Sport England?s decision to cease any further funding for ?recreational? activities such as cycling, walking and yoga, after it was decided they no longer constituted a ?sport?.

A review of Sport England?s future role is due to take place, although no official details of the date have been released.