Best position: Nicole Cooke 2nd in 2005

Most starters: 6 in 1998, 1999, 2002 2005 and 2007

Most finishers: 5 in 2002

2007 ? Stuttgart

Winner: Marta Bastianelli (Italy)

British starters / finishers: 3/6

10th Emma Pooley at 6sec

30th Catherine Hare at 1-09

57th Rachel Heal at 5-36

DNF Lizzie Armitstead

DNF Helen Wyman

DNF Tanja Slater

2006 ? Salzburg

Winner: Marianne Vos (Netherland)

British starters / finishers: 1/4

3rd Nicole Cooke same time

DNF Rachel Heal

DNF Tanja Slater

DNF Helen Wyman

2005 ? Madrid

Winner: Regina Schleicher (Germany)

British starters / finishers: 4/6

2nd Nicole Cooke same time

32nd Rachel Heal at 6sec

73rd Charlotte Goldsmith at 4-00

91st Helen Wyman at 13-03

DNF Catherine Hare

DNF Emma Pooley

2004 ? Verona

Winner: Judith Arndt (Germany)

British starters / finishers: 2/4

24th Nicole Cooke at 1-07

37th Rachel Heal at 6-09

DNF Charlotte Goldsmith

DNF Frances Newstead

2003 ? Hamilton

Winner: Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden)

British starters / finishers: 2/4

3rd Nicole Cooke same time

46th Rachel Heal at 9-27

DNF Charlotte Goldsmith

DNF Frances Newstead

2002 ? Zolder

Winner: Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden)

British starters / finishers: 5/6

35th Nicole Cooke at 27sec

62nd Rachel Heal at 1-30

68th Frances Newstead at 2-02

73rd Susan Carter at 3-25

83rd Sara Waller at 8-03

DNF Emma Davies

2001 ? Lisbon

Winner: Rasa Polikeviciute (Lithuania)

British starters / finishers: 2/3

15th Caroline Alexander at 1-49

53rd Rachel Heal at 16-08

DNF Sara Symington

2000 ? Plouay

Winner: Zinaida Stahurskaia (Belarus)

British starters / finishers: 4/5

6th Sara Symington at 1-50

18th Caroline Alexander at 1-50

48th Susan Carter at 18-17

56th Melanie Sears at 22-26

DNF Ceris Gilfillan

1999 ? Verona

Winner: Edita Pucinkaite (Lithuania)

British starters / finishers: 2/6

63rd Sara Symington at 18-35

67th Susan Carter at 20-13

DNF Caroline Alexander

DNF Ceris Gilfillan

DNF Louise Jones

DNF Michelle Ward

1998 ? Valkenburg

British starters / finishers: 1/6

Winner: Diana Ziliute (Lithuania)

29th Yvonne McGregor at 2-07

DNF Megan Hughes

DNF Angela Hunter

DNF Louise Jones

DNF Maria Lawrence

DNF Sara Symington


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