You can now get 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs as an app

The popular book has been developed into an app for both Apple and Android phone users.

100 Climbs now available as an app
(Image credit: 100 Climbs)

First came the book, followed by a video series to go with your virtual training, then came a poster, and now there's a 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs app.

Cycling Weekly contributor Simon Warren has developed both an Apple and Android app that enables you to ride the 100 climbs and sync to Strava at the same time.

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The easy-to-use app locates the nearest climbs to you via your phone's GPS and via the link with the Strava, it gives you a 100 Climbs score, detailing how many you have ridden.

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Just like the book and on-screen on the videos, all the essential facts are in the app: length of the climb, height gain, maximum gradient, steepest gradient and a profile of the ascent.

Warren also provides a rating of each climb out of 10 (or in Beaclach-na-Bà's case, 11/10).

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs app

The app costs £5.99 and is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Through Strava, the app details how many times you have climbed the ascent, making it easier to see if you have got slower or faster between your attempts.

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