In search of Britain's best cycling roads

With bike in tow, we headed to the north-west Highlands of Scotland and found some of the best cycling roads in the country

Britain's best cycling roads

The most northerly part of Britain, the Scottish Highlands, are wild and vast. Even better, they’re almost completely deserted. Almost, but not entirely. Dozens of Spanish trawlermen, young and old, wearing almost to a man the same Adidas tracksuits while watching the football on the telly was certainly not what we expected to see upon entering a bar in a village in the far north-west of Scotland. Isn’t this supposed to be the land of single malt, not San Miguel?

But then this part of the world is far from what you’d expect, especially if you come to ride a bike. Lochinver, perched on the edge of the north-west Highlands, sits right next to some of the best cycling roads in Europe. Except, to enjoy riding them you don’t have to get on a plane, you don’t have to stock up on euros, and you don’t have to turn off data roaming. They even speak the same language. Just about.

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