Collisions between cars and bikes could be nearly halved if all cars had this clever new braking system

New Bosch system also includes technology to prevent "dooring" of cyclists

Cyclists in London
(Image credit: Flickr/Tom Page)

Nearly a half of collisions between cyclists and cars could be prevented (or at least reduced in severity) if all cars were fitted with a new automatic braking system, the company behind it has claimed.

Perhaps best known for its washing machines, fridges, and, of course, e-bike motors, Bosch has now created a new automatic braking system which uses radar and video sensors to detect cyclists and pedestrians near the car.

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Bosch claims that its system can start full braking in just 190 milliseconds - slightly longer than it takes to blink - and that if it was fitted to every car in Germany then it "would prevent almost half (43 per cent) the bicycle/motor vehicle accidents that result in personal injury, or at least mitigate their severity."

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As well as the emergency braking system, the radar will also be used to help alert drivers and passengers to cyclists approaching from behind. This will detect any other road users within 20-metres of the car, and warn occupants before they open the car doors, hopefully preventing the "dooring" of cyclists.

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"Driver assistance systems are the next step along the path toward accident-free driving,” said Bosch board member Dr. Dirk Hoheisel.

"These electronic assistants are always vigilant and, in emergencies, they respond more quickly than people can. They provide support just where drivers need it – in busy city traffic."